Wii U Disk Stuck,faulty Drive?

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    Nov 2, 2011
    I got a New Wii U,and after a while the disk will not come out after putting in mario 3d world.
    Eject combinations dont work,and I had many wii u to handle and its the first I see a new one have trouble with a jammed drive.

    I cant send it to nintendo since im not even close to a repair shop,only 3rd party ones which i will have to consider if I cant fix the issue by myself.

    Anything that I can try to pry out the Disk?
    Maybe after it comes out it should work normally,but it doesnt seem as easy as trying it with a normal Wii.
    The game works,but I tried to go to a certain level and it said it was dirty,so I dont know if the drive is faulty.

    EDIT: I´m taking it for repairs,ill update on the situation.

    EDIT 2:Repaied,took 40$,one of the "hinges" inside was broken and replaced.

    Moral of the story: Dont fricking send a Wii U without any protection ever in the box.