wii u developer console won't boot retail disc. pics. help?

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    May 7, 2010
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    I bought a used wii u from an online ad in San Francisco just a few days ago. Met up in a public place with an outlet so I knew it worked before I paid.

    I was told I'd need to connect to the internet and update it before it would play games.

    I might have screwed up before I got that far, but it's a rare piece of gear and I'm not really worried. Minorly frustrated maybe.

    Pictures are included below. It has a green face plate like the wii dev unit did. The controller has a boxy bit sticking out of the middle top edge.

    I tried booting NSMBWu and it won't recognize the disc.

    I clicked something called DEVMENU but it wouldn't let me get back out of it.

    That was when I had a 1080p HDTV to test it on.

    Now I'm at home with only a 720p and it doesn't seem to give a signal to that tv.

    Looking for help online. Internet hasn't been much help.

    I've hammered search engines and searched this forum and lots of others looking for help, reference, images, anything. There doesn't seem to be any available public information about this. At least not yet anyway.

    I spoke with a guy who said he'd helped test a sega title for wiiu, he said the menu looks very old. TVii? He may be right.

    I'll keep messing with it whenever I can get my hands on a 1080p monitor, tv, screen, whatever. But my current tv isn't showing me the DEVMENU screen in the pic below, so I'm stuck for tonight.

    edit: pics down per request
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    Oct 11, 2011
    How come I see so many people with a devkit and all they want is to boot games, which on pretty much EVERY devkit of EVERY system, won't work at all.

    Devkit 360's can't boot retail games, Xbox 1 devkits can't do it.
    PS3 prolly also not, PS2 also not, DS etc same.

    OP, I'd sell it over at Assemblergames if I where you if you don't plan on doing anything with it.
    Or... Keep it.
  3. OriginalHamster

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    Well it sure is a rare find...
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  4. gitkua

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    Jul 27, 2006
    Nothing rare about it. Nintendo has been practically giving these things away. You can sign up for the dev program, order a Devkit and pay for it a year later, OR send it back within 6 months if you're not happy with it / decide not to go ahead and develop.
  5. XiTaU

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    I wouldn't mind if someone sold me that instead of a real wii u im sure now or if u hold onto it for some years someone will be willing to shell out more then what u paid for it

    I would also recommend posting about it on assembler games they will give u better info and maybe wanna take it off ur hands for some profit.
  6. OriginalHamster

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    Nov 2, 2008
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    You are probably right, even more it seems to be a debug/test system, not a develoment kit.
  7. Hermpie

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    Oct 28, 2007
    I will buy it of you if you want. not that I can fix it but I like this ...
  8. djbubba2002

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    Feb 10, 2007
    That System wont play Retail games .