wii u and webhost qeustions

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    Feb 12, 2016
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    so i just bought a wii u premium. had 1.0.2 E on it. just updated it to 5.3.2E with mario party 10 today. took a few tries to get kernal exploit success.

    it can load loadiine gx from both my phone and computer. but it just cant load from internet. i tried many times to load loadiine 4.1 oland 4.0 from internet. but it freezes mid way at progress bar. i thought the site was down. but i plug my wii u basic back in and it it loads from internet no problems at all.

    they r the same firmware, same network and sit next to each other. makes me wonder why they r not performing the same way.

    could that b the memory slots problem? or could that be the internet browser problem? shld i clear browser cache and try exploit it again?

    i found that loadiine gx isnt stable, it used to load bayonetta for me and recently just black screen when i tried to load it. loadiine 4.1 and 4.0 from exploit.wiiubrew.net on the othet hand work fine. does any one hv the 4.1 package i could host on my own? thx.