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Blinded by Science
Jun 6, 2009
Okay this is a weird problem I just noticed while watching a show on my Wii using MPlayer_CE wearing headphones. I don't know if it was always like this as I just noticed it now....

The problem is that the right and left audio channels are swapped. Now this isn't a wiring issue as the wires are connected correctly to the back of the TV, red to red, white to white. To further verify the wiring I played back test tones that alternate between the left and right channels. If I play them back using the Wii's games like Excite Truck and even the Photo Channel, the sound plays correctly, left is left and right is right. However, when playing back via MPlayer_CE or WiiXplorer the right and left channels are flipped. I am using the MPlayer_CE's IOS202 and Waninkoko's cIOS38 Rev14...Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any solutions?

I'm scratching my head on this one....

Some info about my Wii if it helps.
-Upgraded via Waninkoko's Updater from Sys Menu 3.2 to 4.2
-Marc's Wii Shop Updater 4.2 October 21, 2009 Edit
-BootMii Beta4 Installed as boot2
-DVDx v2
-HBC 1.06
-Waninikoko's cIOS38 Rev14
-cMIOS rev3 (GameCube) Using MIOS V10
-MPlayer_CE ios202
-WiiXplorer v77
-MPlayer_CE v0.75

***** Just found some more info on the subject on the MPlayer_CE Google Code Site, I'm surprised that more people haven't noticed this....and what does this mean for the other HomeBrew apps like WiiXplorer? Anyways here is the info I found http://code.google.com/p/mplayer-ce/issues...n=1&q=sound *****


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