Wii Remote Plus on HBC?

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    I'm just curious...

    Does the Wii U emulate a regular Wii Remote connection for the vWii? I ask because on my normal Wii, there was lots of homebrew that didn't work with the Wii Remote Plus (something about a different method of connecting due to the MotionPlus)... in fact, almost none of it worked.

    But on the vWii, my Wii Remote Plus works just fine.

    Is that just coincidental? Or does the Wii U take that WM+ connection and make the vWii think it's a normal Wii remote? (Since the remote DOES connect directly to the 'host' console, not just the vWii)
  2. worm28

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    Jun 2, 2013
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    It is because all the new apps,usb loaders,and stuff are all coded for wiimote plus.