Wii Project - NO DVD drive present - not loading from USB

Discussion in '3DS - Flashcards & Custom Firmwares' started by MateiRusnac, Jul 29, 2012.

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  1. MateiRusnac

    MateiRusnac Newbie

    Jul 29, 2012
    Hello everyone,

    I found a wii on the side of the street that looked a little bashed up, probably been sitting out for 2 - 3 days. I thought i could fix it, so i picked it up (the person also threw out all possible accessories including a controller and all the cables)
    I got home, cracked it open and found a mess inside.

    I took out everything and was left with just the motherboard. I noticed a few inductors were falling off and some were lost. I bought what was needed and soldered everything back on.
    I noticed the DVD drive was destroyed and had no chance of actually reading a disc (I threw it out). The Wifi module was also damaged and was not working; however i bought a 5$ USB-Ethernet adapter (init brand) and internet is working fine.

    The Wii now is just the motherboard with all the cables attached. (i also kept the Fan at the back)


    I moved on to the next step which was to softmod my wii since i have no DVD drive to read any discs.

    Wii 4.3U

    I followed a Youtube tutorial and got HBC on my home screen. (Letterbomb)
    I restored the Trucha bug with ios 236
    I upgraded the CIOS with dx2 to V8
    I installed 3 different loaders.

    I then borrowed a HDD full of games from a friend that was using it as his primary Wii HDD.

    I tried loading the HDD with Gx loader, Wiiflow, USB loader.
    All worked fine.

    My games loaded and i can browse through them; however this is where my problem begins.

    As soon as i try to launch a backup the screen turns black (sometimes the wiimote shuts off) and after about 1-2 min i get an error saying "Error, please eject disc and power off your Wii..."

    I looked everywhere for a solution. Nothing will work. I tried about 5 different tutorials all have not been able to boot up the game past the Loader stage.

    Does the wii do a firmware check on the DVD drive before loading the game from the HDD? Does it get tricked into thinking its reading an original game?

    I could not find a broken wii or a dvd drive in my area; however i did find a DVD drive motherboard... if that is my problem a DVD motherboard should suffice, correct?

  2. MateiRusnac

    MateiRusnac Newbie

    Jul 29, 2012
    i re-posted in the correct forum.
    not sure how to delete this thread,
  3. goembario

    goembario GBAtemp Regular

    Sep 14, 2009
    Ah I thought already cause didn't understand why it is here xD
    Maby a mod can close/delete it.
  4. TwinRetro

    TwinRetro Former Staff

    Former Staff
    Aug 29, 2008
    Hiatus Hell
    WA-TAAAA! closed.
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