Wii not starting up

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  1. DragLeben

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    Jun 16, 2010
    My Wii's stuck with a red light on when I plug it. I tried turning it on using the console and remote's power button and it doesn't respond.

    I already tried unplugging it for 2 days and trying on a different socket but it still doesn't work.

    Any help about this is other than call Nintendo is appreciated. I don't live within the US to call them for technical support.
  2. Slave

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    Aug 29, 2006
    Montreal, Quebec.
    I had the problem last month... except once I unplugged it, and plugged it back in, tyhe red light wasnt turning itself back on... it was dead dead... I tried everything and lastly I called nintendo, i had to send my console away to them, 2 weeks later it came back... well it was a totally new console, and they couldnt even restore my saved data :(

    If your red light does light up after plugging in... you tried Holding the power button on the console for a few seconds? like 10seconds... this is like a hard reset...