Wii noDVD Patch?

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    First, let me explain using somewhat recent advancements in the PS3 Scene.

    Kinda recent in PS3 hacking is a patch you can apply to CFW that enables homebrew and games to be launched without the BD Logic Board hooked up. Normally without this patch, you will be greeted with a BSOD (Solid Black in this case) and be force to hard power off when trying to run any application.

    On to the Wii part. Recently I was commissioned to fix a Wii for somebody because it was giving a disc error when trying to use the eShop. It turned out the logic board for the dvd drive was dead, and it's controller flex cable was broke. From my understanding, only certain things have problems with the disc drive (or logic board atleast) not being installed properly, such as the eShop mentioned above.

    Would anyone here know if a patch similar to that in the PS3 would be possible with the Wii to enable the eShop with broken drive Wii's, or would it require a hardware hack (ie not controlled by an ios)? I did try to search a little but the terms I tried didn't really pop information on this.

    I already fixed the Wii using mine since I planned on boxing it up anyway for now, and I could fix it for around $10, but I was curious if I even need to. It's something I'd like to look into myself, but I don't want to just jump head on for no reason. Thanks for any information you can provide.

    Edit: The Wii is hacked with all cIOS' otherwise.
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    i would also like to know
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