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  1. Chary

    OP Chary Never sleeps
    Chief Editor

    Oct 2, 2012
    United States
    So, my softmodded Wii is acting up. I've been playing games perfectly fine, for a good 6 months. Now, today I decided to play a game that required the Nunchuck (Mario Galaxy 2). I clicked the game, and loaded it off my USB loader. (USBgx) It all worked fine, until the game asked me to plug in the nunchuck. I did as told, and the remote froze. The game looked fine, and the remote had the LED lights on, but nothing did anything. I turned off the Wii.

    This is where it gets weird. I turned the Wii back on, booted to system menu, clicked the homebrew channel, all that good stuff. When the homebrew channel loaded up, the remote (Still with nunchuck connected) started acting very slow, and erratic. I unplugged the Nunchuck, wondering if it was calibrated wrong. The Wiimote worked fine again. I re-inserted the nunchuck, and then the Wii had a freakout. I got the following black screen of death;


    And then a screen full of text and numbers. At this point, the Wii would not power off, so I unplugged the thing completely. I turned it back on, (this time, no nunchuck plugged in) and everything worked fine.

    I decided to get another nunchuck, to see what in the world was going on. The same result happened. Confused as heck, I got another Wiimote, and tried again. This time, the 2nd remote, and the 1st AND 2nd nunchucks worked fine, without issue.

    Could anyone explain this totally odd phenomenon?
  2. Anastergun

    Anastergun Newbie

    May 29, 2014
    It seems that your first Wiimote is broken on the Nunchuck port, so when you connect the wiimote can't comunicate correctly with the console. I never saw this happen but the thing i can recommend to you is don't use nunchuck on this controller anymore :)
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