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    looks like i've bricked my wii using riskiimod.....i no silly me..i have done 10 other wii's before, had to happen once....i was just wondering was thert a fix for a bricked wii....i can only access my homebrew channel and read from sdcard....sometimes i get the message about system files corrupt, i no what i did wrong lol, but just can't fix it. because i had a 3.1e system i jumped to phase 3 ...this was the cause..when i opened the preloader to install hacks it told me the system had no hacks...lol i realise this now, anyway....can anyone shed some light on this for me, as my little boy misses his wii....thanks in advance folks

    PHASE 1 - This part is the Twilight hack and HBC installation. (Thx 2 Team Twiizers.)

    1) First of all, if you have never played Zelda you need to play it once and create a save file, or you cant copy Twlight.

    2) Copy over Twilight Hack (beta 1 for 3.1-3.3, beta 2 for 3.4) from SD. If you have a Zelda Save, then afraid its goin..

    3) Start Zelda regularly, load the appropriate save, walk backward.

    4) HBC1.01 installer will begin, answer yes to everything. Your system will restart will homebrew channel installed.

    5) Run The "WadManager" you find will find in the list of programs in your HomeBrew Channel.

    6) Install the wad beginning with "wad01"

    7) Press the "Home" button when it finishes.

    8) Launch “WadManager” again

    9) Install "wad02" and hit "Home"

    PHASE 2 – This Will Downgrade Us

    10) Go back into HBC

    11) Run “IOS Downgrader”, if some things fail, run it once more. Ask for help if need-be. ( GBATemp FTW :-p)

    Your Wii IOS's are now proper and hackable, Regardless will still need to get to 3.2, So lets do the following steps after you make sure you have a net connection.

    12) Run HBC

    13) Select and load AnyRegionChanger M5....it'll say stuff about Korean Disc, IGNORE it.(Thx 2 Twiizers + Co..)

    14) Get into the options (Press A), and IGNORE the top section which has region change stuff and EULA stuff.

    15) Look at the mid-bottom options, about installing 3.2 (or 3.3K), and leave it on 3.2E for PAL /3.2U for NTSC

    16) Click "Go" and then answer then answer YES when it asks if you are sure.

    17) Answer "NO" when it asks about Korean Disc Loading *explained later*

    18) Answer "YES" when it asks you to install special starfall-type hacks. Wait for finish, can take a few minutes.
    19) Press any button when it is done to reboot.

    PHASE 3 – OK We should now have a nice 3.2 system installation. Now we can really get goin.

    20) Run Preloader0.25 from HBC (Props 2 Crediar.)


    21) It will install and reboot...your system should now load the PreLoader menu.

    If you do not reboot to Preloader Menu at this time, power off your wii until the light is Red/Orange...
    ...hit Power, then quickly press and HOLD Reset...

    22) Highlight Settings and Press A

    23) Select “Systemhacks” ->

    24) Select all hacks that you'd like (Recommended: All), and do all of same-name hacks

    25) Select "save settings" and wait for glitchy confirmation message to display “Settings Saved”

    26) Press B

    27) Select "autoboot: Systemenu" (using the D-Pad Arrows), and save settings with A, then Press B

    28) Select "install/load DOL" and install atd512.dol. Wait until finished.

    29) Get back to the system menu.

    30) Run HBC

    31) Run cIOScorp Installer.. It may freez briefly. (CORP Thx 2 WiiBlaster + Co...Installer from Me + IceFire.)

    32) Exit and Profit...your Wii is now RiskiiModded.
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    You need to get a copy of the systemfile.wad and install them with wad manager

    You also need to post things like this in a section dedicated to it and not create a new thread.

    also riskiimii has been replaces by softmii now in my signature and found in other places.