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    Jun 19, 2013
    After playing Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii through the use of Riivolution i began wondering if there were any other similar high quality hacks/mods out there for other Wii games. I've searched in vain over the internet for a list of some of the best hacks out there, so i was wondering if some of the posters on here could either point me to some list's or tell me of some of the better ones they've played. Thanks.

    Edit: Thanks for the reply's, i've actually found a source with quite a few listed (http://rvlution.net/forums/) and would like to share with those interested. I'll also post the one's given to me in the replies of the thread. It's not alot and most of the stuff is short but here it goes:

    New Super Mario Bros. Riivolution Hacks
    Another New Super Mario Bros. - Newer Team, full hack
    Newer Summer Sun - Newer Team, 23 levels
    Newer Holiday Special - Newer Team, 8 levels

    Koopa Country - Good reviews so far, short
    Epic Super Bowser World - Peach's castle in World 1 and World 8 only, looks decent
    Cannon Super Mario Bros. - 14 Worlds, good
    You Super Mario Bros. Me: Summer Special - 10 levels

    New Super Asutoro Mario - Looks good and hard, japanese, can't find download links

    Also available is the Reggie! level editor for NSMBW, it's what people used to make these hacks.

    Mario Galaxy 2.5 - In development

    CGTP Revloution (Mario Kart) - Ton's of extra levels, including classic's from other Mario Karts. On first look i'm not too impressed but it doesn't look bad either, probably worth the download. Hopefully the quality of the maps improves, some levels look pretty unsightly. Haven't played it yet so do take this with a grain of salt.

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl - There's a few different hacks on here, mostly just tweaks to gameplay. http://www.smashmods.com/forum/page/bmabout.html
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    The Newer Super Mario Bros team also have Summer NSMB, Winter NSMB, and Another NSMB up on their website. They're not as extensive because they were kind of the prequels to Newer NSMB but they're all still of great quality.
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    There aren't a whole lot of extensive mods out there. The two biggest ones besides Newer Super Mario Bros Wiii are

    CTGP Revolution: a mod of Mario Kart Wii that adds 184 new tracks to the game. Also supports online play for the new tracks.
    Project M: a mod of Super Smash Bros Brawl that adds balance, new stages, new moves and fast-paced Melee style gameplay.

    There are a number of smaller hacks out there, such as the Newer Team's other Mario Hacks and countless custom mario levels. There's even a small community of Super Mario Galaxy 2 hackers out there too ;)
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    Jun 19, 2013
    If anybody has played or knows how to get the files for New Super Asutoro Mario, please comment.
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    Can we update this list?
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    I hate to break it but Super Mario Galaxy 2.5 was canceled by the Dev Team due to the Programing issues with the game.

    Also Project M is a great modpack if you want to add the competitiveness to Smash, or make it more like a "Street Fighter" Game.
    I typically use Luigi due to his run & hit attack.