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    Hi Guys,

    If your like me , you can see people asking the same questions over and over again , which when you have so many different versions of loaders and channels and IOS's and ways to install and Wii versions ... etc etc , can be daunting for someone trying this for a fist time.
    What im going to try to do is compile a list of the most common questions asked and put them on the first post of this thread so that we can have one place with at least 80 % of the most common questions and answers all in the one place.
    I have started off with a basic list and ill add as we go.
    <b>Please PM me if you want something added </b>like :' how come my dvd+rw isnt working ?' thats driving you nuts and u want a place to point people so that it might reduce the same questions over and over.
    I know im missing loads , but ill scan through the threads soon and add them as i find them. Ohh and please please please correct me if i have anything wrong.

    <div align="center"><!--coloro:red--><span style="color:red"><!--/coloro--><!--sizeo:3--><span style="font-size:12pt;line-height:100%"><!--/sizeo-->****** Overall *******<!--sizec--></span><!--/sizec--><!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc--></div>
    Q : Im confused - tell me the basics
    A : Ok recently a lot has been going on and a lot of things released. here is what you need to know
    For the present system we all use the new V0.3 gamma backup loader by WiiGator and all files are in my signature at the bottom and above.The loader V0.3 doesnt require ISO's to be patched so the play as a direct download and burn.
    The Backup loader lets you play backup'ed up games that are burnt onto DVD-R on your wii using software only.

    <div align="center"><!--coloro:red--><span style="color:red"><!--/coloro--><!--sizeo:5--><span style="font-size:18pt;line-height:100%"><!--/sizeo-->** Download Files **<!--sizec--></span><!--/sizec--><!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc--></div>
    Q : Whats the latest loader ?
    A : <!--coloro:red--><span style="color:red"><!--/coloro-->WiiGators Gamma 0.3 loader with a fix for the 002 error <!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc--> - i always keep the updates in my signature - the latests files may not be posted on this thread - check my sig on any post.
    The latest files zips have been taken offline as a company was charging for the link to the files.
    I may put them back up at some stage , but not any time soon.


    <!--c1--><div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'><!--ec1-->Every single new person to the scene asks about discs. Use DVD-R discs as they are most reliable. DVD re-writables dont work 90% of the time and its best to totally avoid them if u dont want headaches. DVD+R can work , but its not a guarantee and you may waste a lot of discs trying to get them working. The best brand recommended by almost everyone is Verbatim DVD-R. Use the free program IMGBurn to burn the ISO at Max speed to being - any issues try reducing the speed (usually older drives) .<!--c2--></div><!--ec2-->
    <b>*Addition to above*</b> - David has written a new write up on burning DVDs for Wii including software, do's and donts , speeds and everything else you will need here : <a href="http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=129239" target="_blank">http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=129239</a>

    <div align="center"><!--coloro:red--><span style="color:red"><!--/coloro--><!--sizeo:3--><span style="font-size:12pt;line-height:100%"><!--/sizeo-->****** Gamma 03 Loader Section *******<!--sizec--></span><!--/sizec--><!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc--></div>

    Q : Is the gamma loader the most recent one ?
    A : when writing the answer on Dec 31st , its the most recent one out.

    Q : Some of my games like 007 quantum of solace isnt working - why ?
    A : Some games work on a different IOS and have problems running - if you use Waninkokos ISO patcher v1.1 and change the ISO to 249 it should get them to play.

    Q : I get a blue screen with 002 error when i try to play Need for Speed Underground ... how can i fix it ?
    A : You need the newer DOL or WAD file with the 002 fix built into it - those files are in my zip if you need them.

    Q : Nintendo released an update - should i install it ... or i did install it , what can i do ?
    A2 : Now theres a way to remove the accidential updates on most systems - you can downgrade your firmware to 3.2 again - files are in the zip in my signature.

    Q : Does the Gamma loader hurt my drive?
    A : No it doesnt in any way - thats an unfounded and untrue rumour started by people who dont want you using software to play backups.

    Q : Is this the latest version?
    A : Yes it is - check my signature for updates

    Q : Will this play patched (decrypted) games.
    A : Yes it will - the latest loader is designed to play direct downloaded ISO's but it should also play scrubbed games work, iSO patched games work and games decrypted for beta v1 loader .

    Q : How do I uninstall it?
    A : You can uninstall most things using the wii's own channel manager , and AnyTitle Deleter will remove anything if done before removing the wad manager/homebrew - careful what you delete as it will delete genuine channels as well

    Q : Will this play GC backups?
    A : No it wont and the backup loader - its for wii games only

    Q : Will my girlfriend leave me if I overuse the backup launcher?
    A : If she is cute give her my number and ill do my best to talk her out of leaving you.

    Q : When is the next batch of swedish models coming? (see beta loader questions)
    A : Hopefully as soon as Dave gets back from the north <img src="style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":D" border="0" alt="biggrin.gif" /> .... yeah this has nothing to do with backup loaders , but i felt it important to note personally.

    Q : How do i check my firmware version ?
    A : From the main screen go to the wii bottom left and then go to wii settings - the version should be in the top right.

    Q : Can i install this on version 3.3 or 3.4 ?
    A : Technically yes , but you have to downgrade to version 3.2 first using the supplied guide in my signature.

    Q : Do i need an SD card in my drive to play backup games ?
    A : If you install a channel after getting everything up and running , you no longer need the SD card in your wii for the purpose of playing backups.

    Q : Can i copy Original Wii Games on a PC ?
    A : With specific Drives you can but generally no - there is a program called DVD Dumper by waninkoko contained in the zip that will allow you to send the ISO to your laptop with Wifi

    Q : I installed everything and its working.If I now run any of the official Nintendo Updates will Homebrew/Backup Loader stop working?
    A : Yes it will stop and you will need to downgrade and re-install.

    Q: I have backed up my disc using ISO dumper to SD card and now i have 3 parts - how do i join them ?
    A: Put them into root of the C drive , open a command prompt and type cd .. until u get to root and then type <b>copy /b part1.iso+part2.iso+part3.iso WiiGame.iso </b> where part1.iso is the file.

    <div align="center"><!--coloro:red--><span style="color:red"><!--/coloro--><!--sizeo:3--><span style="font-size:12pt;line-height:100%"><!--/sizeo-->****** 03 Beta Loader Section *******<!--sizec--></span><!--/sizec--><!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc--></div>

    Q : I have heard that Wiigator has released a new backup loader - is this true ?
    A : The heading may have given it away , but yes and it was released Oct 25th and there is another update since that.

    Q : Where can i download the new loader ?
    A : Files are in my signature and above.

    Q : Wiigators next loader from what I have read will no longer need patched games.If he doesn't include patched games support is their a way that after dumping a patched disc the process can be reversed?
    A : Its now out and patched games also work

    Q : Will i need DVDx with the new loader ?
    A : Not needed any longer

    Q : Does the new loader read the discs at 6x speed ?
    A : It doesn't break the hardware limit. But when you run it, you have the 6x feeling. When you don't use a stopwatch and compare it directly, you don't really discover the difference in the load times. (Wiigator)

    Q : What version is the new loader ? some say 0.2 some say 0.3 ??
    A : version 0.2 was released for beta testing and had lots of issues so was scrapped and the beta testers are now working on version 0.3

    Q : When will he new version be released ?
    A : You can get it now at all leading stores as long as your over the age of 95 and accompanied by both parents and have nintendo signed consent forms. Otherwise download in my sig since Oct 25th.

    Q : Will it load unpatched (standard) Wii backups, just like a modchip (minus Disc Channel)?
    A : It is possible to include also support for patched DVDs. I don't know if I include it in the first release, because I need to make 2 loaders. (WIIGATOR) (but it was included - Taz)

    Q : Is it true about the better cashing system? Will games load faster?
    A : The source code is smaller, but seems to have much higher compatibility. It is faster, because interrupts are used.ThOR)e video is fast, but sometimes not full speed (maybe ~95%) at PAL (WIIGATOR)

    Q : Will you ever be able to patch the system so discs can load via the Disc Channel, or is that still an unknown?
    A : This is unknown until after he gets the backuploader working properly but take it as a no for now.

    Q : Will the new loader play online games ?
    A : Yes online games work with the new loader

    Q : Do scrubbed games work on the new loader ? (driscol)
    A : I believe someone was discussing this previously and scrubbed games will work on the new loader but not on the present ones we have unless they are patched as well.

    Q : Is the Channel loader 0.2 by Tgames the new backup loader by Wiigator ?
    A : No its not - this is just a channel on the main page that lets you load the old (latest released version) of the backup loader , but its NOT version 0.3 beta that plays non patched games.

    Q : What does the term 1:1 games mean?
    A : 1:1 means a game that has not been patched.The original loader needed games decrypted in order to play them - the latest loader doesnt need any editing of the ISO you have backed up

    Q : What YOUR recommended burn speed?
    A : This seems to vary for everyone but most say the disc speed thats stated on the disc is the most reliable (Max speed burn). Its a matter of playing about with and finding out with your own set up.

    Q: Im having trouble finding the book type for my DVD+R could someone tell me where to find the DVD-ROM option is?
    A : If you are using Imgbrn i suggest checking this guide for any questions you have : <a href="http://www.digital-digest.com/articles/set...burn_page1.html" target="_blank">http://www.digital-digest.com/articles/set...burn_page1.html</a> (MainframeF4)

    Q : I thought you didn't have to patch with v0.3 .. why are people asking about patching ?
    A : Because some people with loader v0.1 have a lot of games burnt and dont want to have to reburn them for 0.3 so the issue comes up a lot

    Q : I have not burned any .ISO's yet, so there is no disk in my Wii. When I went to start the Backup loader, it just hangs at the "loading" part. Is it suppose to hang at the "loading" part?
    A : Yes - the latest channels go straight to the game unless you keep your finger on B as they load - you get the menu options by pressing B.

    Q : Since I bought my wii in the US (so I believe its NTSC) wich wad do I need to install, I ask cuz there are 2 of them that say force ntsc ?
    A : To play Pal games you have to force them to NTSC so use the Forced NTSC version to make life easier for yourself. Do not update with your wii using a Pal game.

    Q : Does the cIOS_fix refer to the read retry fix by WiiGator in your signature?
    A : No the cOIS_fix for loader V0.1 does not refer to the read retry fix for the v0.3 beta loader - the installer for the read retry is in the cIOS_Installer in apps under the name boot.dol now.

    Q : After i installer WiiGators Backuplauncher Beta 0.3, can i still use other loaders like verison 1?
    A : Some people have reported no problems using both - others have had problems using v1 after installing v0.3.Assume the answer is no , and if it still works then bonus !

    Q : What is "common key" and what is that for?
    A : Common key was used for patching ISO's for backup launcher v0.1 - its no longer required.

    Q : Can i completly uninstall all this in the future? How?
    A : Yes you can - most of the files are on the SD card , but ones that are installed use a WAD manager and press minus to uninstall and plus to install.

    Q : Can that update brick my wii if it detect "ghost" files from recent cios/wads uninstallation?
    A : The files i have in my zip have all been tested (by many) and are all working fine. If you get files from other sources there is a possability that they can brick a wii. Updates online will not brick it.

    Q : Does this runs NTSC games in black and white?
    A : If you install the NTSC channel from the most recent zip it should play them in colour.

    Q : What happens if i uninstall all cios, wads, etc and then update from nintendo?
    A : Your nintendo updates and blocks future installs of homebrew and wads and hacks unless you downgrade it again using the Update fix files.

    Q : Im getting a green screen on my game - what can i do ?
    A : If you are using waninkokos loader , try switching to Wiigators version and see if that helps.
    A : I got a green screen on a couple games too , when I forced ntsc the game worked just fine (air2004)

    <div align="center"><!--coloro:red--><span style="color:red"><!--/coloro--><!--sizeo:3--><span style="font-size:12pt;line-height:100%"><!--/sizeo-->****** v01 Beta backup loader section *******<!--sizec--></span><!--/sizec--><!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc--></div>

    <b>Loader V0.1 Files Required</b> if you dont have them :
    Wii Backup Loader .. all you need (except the wii and sd card) : <a href="http://www.iol.ie/~taz/Wii_ISO_Loader.zip" target="_blank">http://www.iol.ie/~taz/Wii_ISO_Loader.zip</a>
    Read Me from the zip (for Noobs) : <a href="http://www.iol.ie/~taz/WiiHowTo.txt" target="_blank">http://www.iol.ie/~taz/WiiHowTo.txt</a>
    Wii Backup Compatability List : <a href="http://maschell.de/mediawiki-1.6.10/index.php/Main_Page" target="_blank">http://maschell.de/mediawiki-1.6.10/index.php/Main_Page</a>

    Q : What does the loader do exactly ?
    A : This lets you play backed up games on your Wii.

    Q : What do i need to get this running ?
    A : A Wii, a remote and nunchuck, a copy of Zelda , and SD memory card (unsure of sizes yet) and the zip file in my signature. (bottom of this post)

    Q : Is there an easy way to install this ?
    A : There is a set by step how to with all files in my signature on what to do. (bottom of this post)

    Q : Im not sure what version Wii i have , how can i tell ?
    A : The usual guide is US - NTSC-U , European is PAL , NTSC-J = Japan (Lifesnoozer)

    Q : Will PAL games run on an NTSC Wii ?
    A : With Wanikoko's loader generally they go black and white - Wiigators overcame that and seems to play more games.

    Q : My games are black and white on Wiigators backup loader - what do i do ?
    A : If your ISO is NTSC and your game is, try to force NTSC in the loader menu. Swap that for the opposite.

    Q : Can i play an ISO i downloaded directly off the internet ?
    A : No they need to be patched before they are played.

    Q : Is the converted (patched) ISO suppose to be way smaller then the original?
    A : Yes - the patched game is genrally smaller in size. 4,185,870 KB

    Q : What program should i use to burn games ?
    A : People have used ImgBrun , Nero, Clone DVD all successfully

    Q : What speed should i burn at ?
    A : This has different answers for different people.If your writer and discs can support fast speeds then use Max - if not try 2 speed.

    Q : Is DVD+R better than DVD-R ?
    A : When burning DVD+R you need to set the booktype to DVD-ROM generally DVD-r is ok as is. DVD REWRITABLES ARE NOT RELIABLE

    Q : Im trying to burn on a rewritable disc and getting errors , why ?
    A : Though some people have had success with re-writables , a general rule is that they dont work. try a normal writable.

    Q : The game i burnt is slow and jumpy on the intro screens - why ?
    A : This is a slight problem with a slower speed read of the game with wii loader with the way the program works. Cant be fixed at present.

    Q : Im using Waninkokos loader but i want to stitch to Wiigators V0.1 - what do i do ?
    A : Just get the boot.dol file and replace the one you have , or install one of the channels available - all files in my signature

    Q : Do all games work with the backup loaders ?
    A : No , but there is an ongoing compatibility list being constructed - the link is in my sig.

    Q : Im getting a green screen on my game - what can i do ?
    A : If you are using waninkokos loader , try switching to Wiigators version and see if that helps.

    Q : Why is it Black and White? (Seraph863)
    A : Using Wan's loader, all games will be B&W unless you're using non-standard AV cables

    Q : Will NTSC games work on my PAL Wii? (vice-versa) (Seraph863)
    A : You shouldn't need to RegionFree any games if you use WiiGator's loader. Just use the built-in region-force settings.

    Q : Can I uninstall DVDx after <proggy> is installed? (Seraph863)
    A : WTF? No!

    Q : Super Paper Mario freezes when I talk to the chick at Chapter 2-2. Fix it! (Seraph863)
    A : You cannot 'bypass' that....now with the new update .3 it doesn't crash there. So leave a note for .1 users, update to .3 to get pass that (Mr Bubbles)

    Q : Can i play a game that works on a modded wii on the backuploader ?
    A : Not without patching the iso first

    Q : Can i play a patched game on a Modded Wii ?
    A : No

    Q : Im getting Error : ret -6 when i try to play a game ? why ?
    A : Usually this is caused by not picking "Advanced" and "IOS249" when installing DVDX. Uninstall it using the DVDX installer, and try again (from:Wiki)

    Q : Im getting Error -4100 My Wi is Unchipped - whats the reason ?
    A : This is usually a burn/disc issue. Either the burn was too fast or the Discs are wrong DONT USE DVD RE-WRITABLES !! Try different discs, different writer or different speeds, all all of them.

    Q : Im getting Error -4100 My Wi is modded - The games works on my unmodded wii ?
    A : This is possibly because the mod chip is forcing your wii to see an Wii optical disc instead of a burnt disc. No present fix for this.

    Q : Is it safe to use printable discs on the wii after i printed the logos onto them ?
    A : Yes

    Q : Do i need AV cables to play an PAL game on my NTSC wii ?
    A : Not with Wiigators loader- you may have to go to config and change it to force pal50 or pal60 to get it working, but it should fix colour issues without an AV cable

    Q : I have installed dvdx, but theres no option 249 can anyone help ?
    A : That option is in advanced mode and is only there is Wanikokos CIOS36_rev5-64-v1042.wad or Cios_fix.wad is installed first. (See How to file in signature on how to do this step by step)

    Q : Im using PATCHMII custom IOS with Wanikoko's Loader , if i use Wiigators will it still work ?
    A : No

    Q : Im a tall swedish supermodel and myself and my twin sister want to get you into bed - can we do this ?
    A : Well im not sure that this has anything to do with Wii , but im glad you asked , the answer is yes.

    Q: I have a game i patched and burnt to disc already - can i make a copy of it as normal ?
    A : Yes , you can use any program to just copy the disc.

    Q : Is it possible to make an ISO of a burned disc without modchip (via wii) or without LG-DVD Drive (via PC)? (Xter2k8)
    A : You can dump a backup using any drive. (Richy Freeway ) .. check my sig as well ... ImgBurn works well for this

    Q : After patching i have two iso's now. The actual game iso, and a new one named "Partition". Which do i burn ? (Ultimateplaya)
    A : Burn the partition one, that's the one that has been patched! (Cosmo2389)

    Q : Im getting an error with : DVD Identify Failed when i try to run a game - why ?
    A : This is a burn media issue - dont use DVD REWRITABLES and try a different disc/drive/burn speed.

    Q : OK so in order to do this I need to install custom firmware right? What are the dangers of this?
    A : To date , no one has reported bricking a wii while installing homebrew or any of the backup launchers or IOS files.

    Q : I've patched the ISO using Waninkoko's patcher, but now when I try to load the image in ImgBurn (by selecting it in the file browser) it says "Invalid or unsupported image file format!" (OwlPen0r)
    A : Try a different burner like Nero , Roxio , Clone DVD or anything else you might have. the latest version of ImgBurn may also work.

    Q : If the wii updates will it brick itself?
    A : No, but it may stop the backup loader working on future updates

    Q : Does this load gamecube backups as well ?
    A : NO , this is only for ISO DVD game backups.

    Q : Can also have other apps on the SD card as well...as in Scumm, Wii browser, etc. (IronMask)
    A : The homebrew channel is like your start menu with a list of icons that launch programs. The backup launcher can be installed as just another item on the list (ciper)

    Q : Is this easy to uninstall if i decide i dont want it ?
    A : Yes - most of the install files can be removed with the WAD manager - the rest just delete off the SD card.

    Q : Do you need the common-key.bin file in the same directory as the cd patcher? (ChaosBoi)
    A : You need the common-key file , the ISO and the backuppatcher.exe in the same folder. If you use the new patcher in my signature it does it all once you select the ISO

    Q : Can I install Pal Opera on my NTSC-US Wii?
    A : No , you need the NTSC version of Opera for that. (macmoreira)

    Q : For the backup loader channels you have 2 here - wing launcher and the gold disc channel but what loader do they use, wiigator or waninkokos loader ?
    A : There are 2 .dol files in the '/apps/ISO Loader' folder in my zip for the SD card. boot.dol is Wiigators and is default, boot_Waninkoko.dol is wanikokos and can be renamed if required - there is a read me in that folder. By default it uses wiigators , but you can use either.

    Q : In Imgburn - what option do i select to burn when using a DVD+R Disc ?
    A : First one on the list in the options in your drive type

    Q : In Imgburn - what option do i select to burn when using a DVD+RW Disc ?
    A : Second one on the list in the options in your drive type

    Q : Is it possible to brick my Wii using this ?
    A : Any changes made make it possible, but its very unlikely. The 2 main ways you can brick your wii is using an NTSC update on a Pal Wii or visa versa and installing a badly coded WAD file - most other things are safe.

    Q : Ive heard Version 2 is out ... is that true ?
    A : Its out for beta testing and isnt fully stable yet. It is actively being worked on but best to stick to version 1 until the Guru's can fix the bugs. We dont want another pre-released buggy version so just be patient about this one please.

    Q : Is there a way to remove mandatory updates from games?
    A : I use wiiscrubber to delete the update partition, you can also use brick blocker. (thanks mek)

    Q : I have heard talk about a Cios_fix - what is it ?
    A : Its a modification to Wanikokos Cios file that lets you play more of the backed up games. It works with both Waninkokos loader and wiigators loader , but with wiigators you need to change the type from VI to GB PAD in the config before launching the game.

    Q : Has Wanikoko released a new Cios ?
    A : Yes he has , but there is no compatible loader for it yet, though this will probably be wrong in a few hours

    Q : Do i have to uninstall the existing IOS to install the CIos_fix file ?
    A : Some say yes some say no , try it - it wont damage anything either way
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    You rock - can't wait to give this a shot.
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    This is actually pretty helpfull. They should make a Backup Loader section and sticky this.
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    While this is useful, I was looking at your signature and noticed you had the all Wii Backup Loader files I'll ever need. I didn't want to bother downloading them all separately. [​IMG]

    Also, there shouldn't be a Wii Backup Loader section.
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    Hehe, I got a kick out of the Swedish supermodel part. But anyhoo, great job! =D
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    Tried and confirmed. I was able to play a backup of my legally purchased The Force Unleashed without issue.

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    thanks bro
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    okay, now i have no worries and ican buy a usb dvd burner to burn dbzbt3.
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    Really nice FAQ! I have a comment for this question though...
    ^For someone doing it the first time, they might not know "how" to choose 249 since it doesn't highlight it when you go into advance mode. The first time I did it and I didn't see 249 and I had to google on how to choose 249. Just a heads up [​IMG] Might want to tell people to press the right button to choose 249 by putting it in your guide [​IMG]
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    Changed that to make it a little clearer in the HowTo and added it to the first post to See the how to - thanks for the input
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    nice job djtaz [​IMG]
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    Good work. Hopefully this will slow the questions down as a hell of a lot of noobs are coming in now that you can play burnt games on a normal wii.
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    Wait, so if you install cIOS, you will be able to see 249? Or what button are you supposed to press?
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    If doing it from the start - install the cios i have in the zip (not 5) then go to DVDx and go to advanced - then click + .... did you read the how to ?
    If dvdx is already installed , press minus and uninstall it. It wont work if its installed before the Custom IOS
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    Q : Is there an easy way to install this ?
    A : There is a set by step how to with all files in my signature on what to do.

    I didn't get this I can't see your signature?

    Edit: Now I can [​IMG] cheers
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    Amazing work! Very helpful indeed.
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    Fantastic job! But I have a question. Can I install Pal Opera on my NTSC-US Wii?
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    Nope you need the NTSC version - IronMask posted a link to it somewhere.

    - and ill add that to the questions at the start - Thanks for asking.
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    redrumbrg Member

    Apr 27, 2008
    quick question, for the backup loader channels you have 2 here -
    wing launcher and the gold disc channel but what loader do they use, wiigator or waninkokos loader ?