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    Ok so i bought a case to make my wii black and i was successful, however when i was attempting to screw the diskdrive back in, i dropped a screw inside so i decided to open up the drive (where the game is placed) and remove the screw, however when i did, these white plastic peg pieces that i believe move the game disc around fell out of place. I then tried to put it back in place as best as I could (also note: i was stupid and had a game disc inside the system at the time of doing all this....) and continued to seal up the wii. first thing i did was plug in my wii and attempt to eject the disc. thats where my problem resides... the system wont eject the disc... however the system reads the game perfectly it just wont eject.

    i just want an educated opinion before i attempt to fix it again and possibly make things worse. thanks
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    I have experience with the PS3s drive loader, which works very similar.
    Your best bet is to dismantle the drive itself to the point you got to last time, connect everything up.
    (still open)
    and press the eject button, being careful not to short anything out.
    And look at what moves and what doesn't, and if need be assist the mechanism, and if you're lucky, it will "snap" back into sync.
    If not, then you're best attempting to remove the disc via taking the drive apart and then trying to align the pegs and slots the eject system works on.
    It's very fiddly work, but providing you didn't break anything or any springs didn't go "pinging" off somewhere, you should be okay.

    I've never taken the drive itself to pieces, although I have dropped screws in it with and without discs in, I found a gentle shake or moving the disc carefully usually helps.
    In taking the drive apart, you may have accidentally broken something that drives the ejector.
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    This guy is right. If in doubt, never put the console back together if there is a chance you may have to open it again. Sorry if I sound condecending.