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    Apr 1, 2009
    I have quite some information to overload you with so i'll try to keep it simple.

    The problem:
    The Wii has worked for years now on an HDTV with component cable and 480p/16:9 settings.
    Now i moved it to another TV (non-HD / big non-flat non-wide one) with the original (red white yellow) cable and it doesn't give me any sound or picture when turning the Wii on.

    Tried quite some setups:
    Wii / HDTV / component / 480p / 16:9 / works
    Wii / HDTV / component / 480i / 4:3 / works
    Wii / HDTV / component / 576i / 4:3 / works
    Wii / HDTV / original / 480i / 4:3 / doesn't work
    Wii / HDTV / original / 576i / 4:3 / doesn't work

    Wii / Regular TV / original / 480i / 4:3 / doesn't work
    Wii / Reg. TV / original / 576i / 4:3 / doesn't work

    So it seems the problem is in the original cable as those don't work on any TV or settings. So i borrowed my neighbours original cable which works on their Wii and TV.
    And guess what it doesn't work on my Wii with the Reg. TV. Haven't tried it on the HDTV yet but i'm guessing that wont give me positive either.
    I have checked and reconnected all cables multiple times so the solution won't be there. I have also searched on google and the nintendo support sites but none has given me an answer yet.

    Note: I want to get the Wii running at the Reg. TV with the original AV cables.

    Edit: You might need to know that i've softmodded my Wii but the softmod is fairly basic and i didn't do anything crazy.

    Edit2: So it seems my Wii only works with component cables atm is there any setting on my Wii i'm forgetting about ?

    Edit3: Was planning to virginize and remod my Wii anyway. So i virginized it and used the system format option in the Wii menu. The next boot up asked for all settings and the normal composite cables worked again. So this can be closed.
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