Wii 480i Component Problem

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    Oct 24, 2008
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    I was wondering if you guys knew anything about an issue I've been having.

    I have Component cables for my Wii and I'm able to put out a 480p signal with it. However, if I switch to 480i, the screen goes black. It's still putting out sound and the Wii is working properly, but no video signal at all. Now, at some point I guess it had to have been able to put out a standard signal because I remember setting it from standard to progressive, but now it can't. It'll put out a standard signal with Composite cables, but not these component cables.

    Even stranger is that if I try to play Gamecube games it'll just go blank and restart the Wii, like it knows it isn't putting out a video signal in 480i.

    It may be important to know that I had just installed a Wii-Key soldered onto a Wiiclip and the device works fine and as it should, but I had only tried to change the video back to standard after the installation.

    What the heck! Has anyone else had this problem, and more importantly does anyone know why this is and how to fix it?