Wii 4.3U HDD renew from WBFS format

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    So I'm still using the old "WBFS" type of hard drive to hold my wii backups, and I was wondering if I could use other types like FAT or NTFS to just drag and drop my files, and if so, what directories should the isos be located in? Preferably, I would like to use WiiFlow as the backup loader.
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    Disc Based Wii games in .iso or .wbfs format go in USB:\wbfs\

    Most of my games follow this structure: USB:\wbfs\Donkey Kong Country Returns [SF8E01]\SF8E01.wbfs

    But you can do something like this if you'd like: USB:\wbfs\MadWorld.wbfs

    All my games are in .wbfs format, but you could use .iso if you really wanted. Wii Backup Manager ( http://www.wiibackupmanager.co.uk/ ) will let you convert between .iso and .wbfs format. I recommend storing all your games as .wbfs files since that saves on space (and is required for loading large games like Super Smash Bros. Brawl on FAT32 formatted devices)

    The paths I listed above should work across all modern USB Loaders (GX, Configurable, WiiFlow) but WiiFlow is the only usb loader I use anymore so it's the only one I can confirm.
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    That's the format I (and, by extension, wbfs2fat) use too
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