Wi-Fi enabled Table Games revealed for Wii

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    With Nintendo releasing Wii Chess in Europe as a standalone title, we can’t imagine that anyone who reads this article about the emergence of a compilation of Wi-Fi enabled table games for the Nintendo Wii won’t want to hang on that little bit longer in order to gain a lot more bang for their buck. More details after the jump.

    Famitsu reports on Table Games, a collection of 10 popular games that can either be played against a computer opponent or against other players via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. You’ll be able to choose your Mii face to represent you on-screen, just to make competition that little bit more personal.

    Table Games includes the following: chess, backgammon, mahjong, millionaire flowers, reversi, bridge and go. Each game has three modes: free mode in which players can relax and enjoy the game, a challenge mode, and “step-up” where the game gets increasingly difficult.

    You’ll also, by the looks of it, be able to bark messages at your opponent - in text at least. Table Games is released in Japan this coming spring