Why do people like 60fps so much?

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by leafeon34, Jan 31, 2018.

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    Sep 18, 2017
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    I don't like 60fps. I like 120+fps on the PC.
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    thats mainly the result of lazy animation and them trying to pump out an episode a week almost non stop for years, you can tell a huge difference between toei and companies like mad house or kyoto animation
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    Feb 7, 2017
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    Because it’s SMOOOOOTH
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    Its important to note there is a difference between:

    - 30 FPS, being half as fast as 60 (slower)
    - 30 FPS, same speed as 60 but essentially only rendering every other frame. (choppier)

    Cave Story would be a good example, the original PC version runs at 50 FPS and it runs slower than the 60 FPS ports it has.
    As opposed to running a game in an emulator with frameskip enabled, which would mean choppier. Unless you go into the territory of a computer being slow, which is unrelated.
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    1080p 60fps should be the standard.
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    Dec 18, 2017
    Oh the decades long question about framerates. Many already replied but I will anyway in the most simple possible way I know.

    Not only a perfectly stable 60fps running game is pleasant to see because of the smoothness factor, it usually plays better because of these simple reasons:

    1. More frames means more information to your brain making you realise faster what is going on in the game world:
    2. More frames means more responsive controls overall because your input goes hand to hand with the framerate and so you can input twice the time per second at 60 fps, another way to explain this is that you can input a command every 16 ms instead of every 33ms;
    3. Because of point 1 and 2, considering also the visual improvement, all games plays way better at 60 fps, offering to you a more enjoyable experience in every aspect.

    Additionally you now know why some hardcore people wants even more fps especially for online games. Personally I will never go back to 60hz monitors and 120hz+ is the way to go for me, not only you will actually see those higher framerates if your machine is adequate but these high refreshrates hide a lot of tearing between frames... A huge plus all considered.
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  7. SoslanVanWieren

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    Feb 6, 2017
    after playing 60 fps games alot 30 fps seems laggy and can be noticed.
  8. leonmagnus99

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    cause it'feels smooth as smooth pb.
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    Mar 17, 2010
    Speaking of artificial framerate limits, try going back and playing some old games.
    Banjo Tooie had a pretty bad framerate limit, the framerate would often be capped at 15 FPS and maybe even lower. Still completely playable, but it's really noticeable. I'm unsure if Kazooie did the same thing but there are at least a handful of games on N64 that do this.
    Luckily there exist GameShark codes for some of these older games to allow them to run at 60 FPS in emulators. It makes a huge difference in Banjo Tooie, but sadly it throws off the timing of some things and makes aiming in first person mode way too sensitive, and turning when swimming is much faster than it should be, but it can be easily toggled off for those parts.

    A stable 30 FPS isn't bad by comparison. It still looks relatively smooth, although 60 FPS is smoother. 100Hz++ is kind of weird, it somehow feels smoother than real life if that even makes any sense. It's unnaturally smooth. Not necessarily a bad thing but also not really anything important. I don't feel like 60Hz is impairing me at all or preventing me from enjoying a game as much. It might matter more in multiplayer shooters, which aren't a thing I normally play.