Why can I be banned?

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    Apr 14, 2017
    Some time ago, I realised I could use an old R4 in my CFW'd N3DS. So I bought one at my nearest shop (R4i 3DS RTS Wi-Fi R4i-SDHC.com). I used it as I would do in a DSi or DS. Later, I wanted to add someone to my Friends list. When I opened it, it said I was banned from online (002-0121).

    I looked for a fix in Google and I found a way to use a public file to restore online functionality. I followed the guide for SysNAND, but kept EmuNAND with the bad files so I could still use the Flashcard in it.

    After that, I upgraded to B9S and made a few changes (I lost my EmuNAND, but I think I have an old dump). So now I must use the unbanned NAND to use both legal games / backups and my R4.

    I have TWLoader and used Forwarder3-DS. Can I be banned if I use them? Or did I get banned because of other things? I mean, the console said I was banned, but someone told me it was just a corrupted file.
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    No. The only reasons to be banned is Cheating online, files for online is not valid, going online before a game official released