Gaming Why are people bitching about No More Heroes' Plot?

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I mean come on, the story is simple, like this:

0.1)Past: Travis' parents got killed by his sister
1)He met Silvia Christel, who told him she'll get him and his sister even. But Travis was drunk, and forgot about it
2)Travis fought till rank 1 just to screw Silvia
2.1)On rank 5th, he met Henry (Who later revealed that Henry is his twin-brother)
3)Realized that it's all a con. Reveals that Silvia is a professional con artist
4)However, her mom encouraged Travis to fight, I mean, why stop now?
5)So Travis fought all the way to a desert, with runes. Meeting numbah 1
6)Number 1 (Dark Star) acted like a father, and recovering Travis' memory which soon reveals 0.1 and 1
7)Sadly, Dark Star got killed by Travis' sister, which is Jeane
7.1)Jeane told that she killed their parents because she was molested by her dad, a lot of time. And her mom always didn't care.
8)Jeane got killed by Travis. The pain of killing her own parents was more than she could bear.
9)It's all over, till another dude who is conned crashes into Travis' bathroom.
10)That dude got killed by Henry, and they fought. Because that is what they wanted to do.
11)LETZ GO! And the game ends.

That's how simple the plot is. I mean, why do people analyze NMH so much??

BTW, I'm not trolling, and if I miss the point of why they analyze the game, kindly flame me or prove me wrong. Thank you

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