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    Hey guys im looking to extend my psp slims battery life.. I have a psp god of war edition..

    My options are either

    1. buy an extended psp battery from gamestop, but the only con is that they don't provide red back cover pieces only black and silver, and it makes the back piece protrude out, but it will give me an 80% increase, and i won't beable to use my hori crystal case.

    2.I could buy another regular psp slim battery and buy an wall charger and charge the battery and swap out when the battery gets low if the need be, and i will be beable to use my crystal case.

    3. I could buy a Nyko Grip charger and they said Id get an even longer gameplay increase with this option. Increased grip control. Has anyone used or owns a grip Nyko? can someone give me some feedback.?

    At one point I was really leaning towards an exteneded battery or getting a new battery, but as of right now im really leaning toward a grip charger..
    does anyone else have any other suggestions or can provide some feedback and input / advice?

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    Grip chargers are a pain to carry around.

    Get an extended battery and look on e-bay for a red door. They are $1.00 + shipping. The extra protrusion isn't bad at all and actually gives you a better grip on the unit.

    You'll have to ditch the plastic shell, but I say good riddance. I use a bestskinsever.com skin to protect the top of my PSP, and I keep it in a Hori zippered case.

    EDIT: Only buy the door from e-bay. DO NOT BUY YOUR BATTERY there.