Which microSD card should I use? (R4i Gold)

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  1. Card 1 (80MB/s)

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  2. Card 2 (48MB/s)

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  3. Other (Post in comments please)

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  1. Savva

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    Oct 27, 2015
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    Both cards are 16gb and the part where it says top speed that's the promised top speed on the box. The reason I'm debating this is because the left one beats the right one in the min max and avg categories and it loads faster. However the Inputs/Outputs per second is larger on sd card 2. Which one do you guys recommend?

    I just ran a few more tests ignore the minimum of card_2(actually about 6.5mb/s). And ignore CPU usage for both. Card_2 explicitly states it's a class 10. Card_1 has similar speeds as Card_2 for the most part except for the write speed so I think it might be a class 6 (Based on customer support claims it appears to be a class 10). Both are UHS Class 1. They also both cost the same amount. $14.89

    After more tests turns out Card_1 is definitely better. Card_2 just got lucky with the original results. The write speed is still higher by about 1MB/s.

    Model Numbers:
    Card_1: SanDisk SDQUSC-016G-AW6GA (Found it at walmart, google reveals nothing. It has a 3DS on the cover. Not on SanDisk website, Customer Support claims it's a SDSQUNC)
    Card_2: SanDisk SDSDQUP-016G-AA

    I kinda worked this out by myself over the course of two hours. But I'll put it up anyway I guess it might help someone later. Card_1 is definitely the choice to go with if you only care about read speed. The write speed is consistently slower but that shouldn't matter for a device like an R4i.