Which hardware refresh do you realistically think will happen?

Discussion in 'Switch - Console, Accessories and Hardware' started by Futurdreamz, May 5, 2017.

  1. Switch Lite

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  2. Switch TV

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  3. Switch power Dock

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  4. Switch XL

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  1. Futurdreamz

    Futurdreamz GBAtemp Addict

    Jun 15, 2014
    Skipping the slightly cheaper Switch Base Pack (No Dock and possibly no Charger) as that's obviously inevitable; What do you think will happen first:

    Switch lite: No dock mode, Joycons fused to main unit which is now noticeably smaller yet somehow has the same performance and similar battery life.

    Switch TV: No screen, no battery, the entire Switch unit plugs into the TV and stays there. Comes only with the Switch TV, a Pro Controller, and power/HDMI cables.

    Switch XL: A bigger revision with a 1080p screen and a built in HDMI port

    Switch Power Dock: A replacement dock for the current Switch which includes a Nvidia eGPU that allows for better performance when docked - possibly 4k@60fps
  2. Alkéryn

    Alkéryn Moon Dweller ~

    Mar 15, 2015
    Albategnius, Moon
    Switch handheld only (but can be docked with another dock, just smaller version of the original one and not sold with it) version and switch tv only version
    then eventually new switch or switch 2 in few years with bettter specs if the system sell well (a bit like what is N 3ds to 3ds, whith backward compatibility but also exclusives)
  3. EmanueleBGN

    EmanueleBGN GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Jul 22, 2015
    Switch without dock, no mini, no tv-only
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  4. DrkBeam

    DrkBeam GBAtemp Fan

    Jun 12, 2016
    Sadly a switch xl with the same screen resolution because the xl version of Nintendo consoles sells more than the original, I really hope a switch mini, it might come with fused controllers and a 720p screen without a dock and more cheaper
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  5. pedro702

    pedro702 GBAtemp Guru

    Mar 3, 2014
    i can see a full portable switch with smaller screen and fixed joycons to be a thing in a year or 2, with an increased batery life of like 5-6 hours.
  6. Felek666

    Felek666 retarded memekid which no one likes

    Jan 3, 2017
    Power dock probably.
    Switch Lite definitely.
    Switch XL unlikely.
    Well i don't see Nintendo releasing a better revision anytime soon.
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  7. FAST6191

    FAST6191 Techromancer

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    Nov 21, 2005
    United Kingdom
    Probably none of those, too many of those would break backwards compatibility within the system and for as awful as some of Nintendo's moves have been they have thus far not gone there. Closest you really have is the wii without GC ports possibly blocking some stuff (though technically all games should have had wii functions, I agree though lack of GC controllers in some games is fatal for my enjoyment), and the DSi breaking guitar hero by not having the controller and arkanoid would not have the paddle control either.

    So yeah joycons are probably here to stay, outside chance that it internalises some controls and allows you to use externals for those games that need it.

    TV. There are touchscreen only games either happening or in the works, said same discussions appeared to hint that docked only would not happen. I know the PSTV happened but even on the vita scale it was a failure and ended up mostly getting sold off cheap.

    Switch XL I can see happening at some point but probably not in the way you think, 7 inches is the point at which screens start getting odd and the current one is 6.2-inches apparently. Likewise even if the power and heat issues could be sorted I am not sure there is a massive case for 1080p in handheld form and likely not for the already tech shy Nintendo. If it happens I would probably imagine it happens as a result of 1080p panels becoming the only viable option on the market, and I don't really see that happening too soon as industrial uses will probably keep bright small touch panels being pumped out in lower resolutions for years to come.
    I would like to see microHDMI or something appear but all the warranty claims that would result is probably enough to give pause; I can't be bothered to look up the plug-unplug ratings for a microHDMI but I can safely say if you thought dodgy charge ports on phones was bad you have seen nothing yet. I would bet on a micro dock or dock redesign to make it more portable before that happens too.

    Said no docked only games probably means no performance expansion dock. If they get desperate then maybe but they already have one of the most powerful phone/tablet class devices on the market, and I doubt a dock is going to make COD, full fat fifa and battlefield suddenly appear.

    I imagine most of the earlier hardware tweaks will be towards battery life, getting that heat down and maybe a better dock. I might like to see backwards compat with the 3ds but I doubt there is a big enough draw for it (3ds has no games), and if push comes to shove you might just about be able to do it in software.

    "introducing the switch S, it is the same switch you love but now lighter, with a brighter screen, more battery life and comes in 4 new colours (or three new colours that can be selected in the plastics factory and a cheap decal as it is [insert Nintendo property]'s anniversary/time to be brought out to see if we really can sell old rope".
  8. death360

    death360 GBAtemp Regular

    Sep 13, 2009
    United States
    I would say switch xl because bigger is better.
  9. KingVamp

    KingVamp Great... AETHER!

    Sep 13, 2009
    United States
    If they do a Switch TV, it would be the last thing they do. I really don't think some games being touch only would sway that decision. It would probably still come with Joy Con and maybe the charger grip.

    Enhance dock may happen, but probably just better off building a regular console at that point and letting the Switch connect to it. Not simply putting a Switch into a box, but making a big console. There's always the possibility of dock only games, like how the new 3DS has specific games, but they can just keep them all compatible.

    So either Switch Lite (Light?) or Switch XL.

    I know bigger devices are in, but there is a limit. The bigger it is, the less people would want it. Also, making it bigger would most likely make the Joy Con bigger 'cause having them smaller than the console would be weird. So then you would be having a "Joy Con XL".

    Switch Lite doesn't need the same power as when it is dock. So, either a weaker and different, yet still compatible chip will be used or limited and unclock of the certain chip.

    I think Switch Lite would probably be the easiest to do first and it can still can have a dock or connection even if it is weaker than the OSwitch. That way, it wouldn't clash with the Switch idea. Of course the Jon Con would still work on it. Could be a clamshell. Not for two screens, but to protect the screen. Like the Gameboy SP.

    Switch TV is probably the easiest to do here, follow by the the Switch Lite. Still, something like Switch TV would probably be late in the revision cycle, so going with Lite.
  10. SonicCloud

    SonicCloud a crybaby <3.

    Mar 29, 2016
    I think a Switch XL and a power dock could be the best idea , mostly because the other ideas dont make sense.
    A Switch Mini would break the point of the joycons and the Switch TV would break the whole idea of the Switch , as it would be way easier to just keep your Switch in the dock.
    A Switch XL could be expected , because Nintendo has done it before with DS and 3DS consoles , as for the power dock , Nintendo has also done more powerful versions of their DS and 3DS consoles , such as the DSi or the New 3DS
  11. The Real Jdbye

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    Mar 17, 2010
    The Switch IS the Switch XL. I really doubt they are going to make a version that's even less portable.
    Switch Mini seems the most likely to happen. It can clearly be made smaller, just look how small high end phones are and they still manage to squeeze in a 3000mAh battery and a powerful 8-core SoC. It could still be dockable and support connecting external controllers like JoyCons and Pro controllers, but might be limited to 720p in docked mode (since the smaller form factor wouldn't allow for as much cooling)
  12. YourHero

    YourHero GBAtemp Maniac

    Apr 22, 2010
    United States
    A dock with an actual CPU/GPU to give higher performance would be the smart idea. Honestly the console is already as thin and small as it should get. Otherwise we're back to 3DS sizes.
  13. Futurdreamz

    Futurdreamz GBAtemp Addict

    Jun 15, 2014

    I included the Switch lite and Switch XL options because a lot of members are discussing them, but honestly I think they are unrealistic, especially a smaller switch. The Switch already uses ounce of space for processing and battery - comparing it to a high end smartphone is not really fair because A) the smartphone is $500-$900 and b) even if they do have the processing, they don't have the battery needed to play a full game for several hours straight.

    A Switch XL should be technically possible, but the Switch is already big and expensive - an XL would be a much more niche product.

    A Power Dock would be amazing and I suspect would sell fairly well if it's capable of making the Switch compete with the PS4 and Xbox One for not much more additional cost, but it's reliant on support being planned before the Switch was launched. If the Switch wasn't designed from the very start to support an eGPU, then it would require a Switch refresh that confuses things, as opposed to a $150-$200 accessory.

    A Switch TV would be easy to make and should sell very well due to it's lower price. it's basically the Switch equivalent of a 2DS. It could potentially cost only HALF the price of a Switch (no screen, no battery, one Pro controller vs two Joycons) while still functionally identical to a Switch that has been left plugged into the tv (you know, like how many members said they would end up doing anyways) The only thing is that this refresh should wait at least one or two years to be announced, otherwise it may confuse developers which may prove fatal. It would be trivial to figure out which games are supported, literally only VOEZ right now requires a touchscreen, and games like ARMS or 1,2, Switch can warn you that you need to buy Joy-Cons to play.

    Remember, I said hardware REFRESH. four to six years down the road it's entirely possible Nintendo can come out with a replacement for the Switch that's redesigned to be bigger or smaller.
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  14. pedro702

    pedro702 GBAtemp Guru

    Mar 3, 2014
    you could always buy some joycons and use it on the portable switch with fixed controlls since bt would still be there imo so everything would work you would just need to get a set of joycons for specific games,

    i mean look at some games that dont work docked(i rmeneber a game that needs touch controlls so it only works on tabletop or portable mode the name escapes me tough) or portable(like just dance) and we have those already so you cant play those games on the go or on your tv due to already imposed limitations.