Where do things get mounted?

Discussion in '3DS - Homebrew Development and Emulators' started by gudenau, Feb 24, 2015.

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    Here is a list of the id/descriptions. Where do they mount? (Like on windows the main partition is C:\ where it could be /dev/sda1, I would like a path like that for these)

    0x00000003 Application RomFS
    0x00000004 SaveData (the saveID/mediatype for this is loaded from data originally from the user process' exheader)
    0x00000006 ExtSaveData
    0x00000007 Shared ExtSaveData
    0x00000008 SystemSaveData
    0x00000009 SDMC
    0x0000000A SDMC Write-Only
    0x12345678 ExtSaveData for BOSS
    0x12345679 CARD SPI FS
    0x1234567B ExtSaveData, and ExtSaveData for BOSS
    0x1234567C SystemSaveData
    0x1234567D NAND RW
    0x1234567E NAND RO
    0x1234567F NAND RO Write FS
    0x2345678A User/GameCard SaveData (for check), and other uses (FS can only mount the latter) (lo hi mediatype reserved)
    0x2345678E SaveData, ExeFS, and RomFS (For fs:LDR, only ExeFS)
    0x567890AB NAND CTR FS
    0x567890AC TWL PHOTO
    0x567890AE NAND TWL FS
    0x567890AF NAND W FS
    0x567890B1 Gamecard SaveData (for check). This is a wrapper for UserSaveDataForCheck: the OpenArchive code for that is called with archive-lowpath TID=0/mediatype=2(gamecard).
    0x567890B2 UserSaveData (for check). This is the same as the regular SaveData archive, except with this the savedata ID and mediatype is loaded from the input archive lowpath.
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