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May 12, 2020
I have a new Wii U console. (Or second-hand actually.)

On one hand I wouldn't mind and would even kind of like to start clean on my new Wii U, by remodding it according to the latest modding guide. I'd find it "educational" to experience that again.

But there's a few issues. I have some digital games installed on an external drive, and saves. If I remember correctly I installed them from the SD card to that drive which is formatted in a way only the Wii U can read. It's been a while. But could this data just be read properly if I connected the drive to another Wii U? Or do I need to reinstall them?

I'm not sure if Nintendo's own transfer tool would potentially work properly because of this. And I wouldn't want to risk getting banned because of it being modded and having homebrew apps. But then again, I'd actually prefer a clean start. I also have a few saves from games I use the CD ROMs for.

Then, there is other save or system data such as Activity Log, which is what I'm mostly concerned about. In that regard I don't want to "feel" like I'm starting all over with my Wii U journey on the new Wii U. I wouldn't mind setting up stuff like my resolution or WiFi settings again for example. It's mostly the (nostalgic) stuff that can't be remade from scratch (Activity Log) or would be too much work to do from scratch (Miis, making new game saves by playing). I also want to connect the same Nintendo account.

I was wondering what options I have and how I could do it. The most ideal would probably be to start clean/with a factory reset, mod the Wii U, and then restore system and save data I want to restore. The most important condition is that I can "trick" the Wii U into thinking and appearing as if it wasn't factory-reset recently. So I must be able to backup and restore the Activity Log, save data, and, if there are, any more appearances of dates in the System Settings. Oh, and transfering Miis would also be neat.

I only have a second console at the moment, not a second pair of cables or second GamePad should it be necessary to have both consoles running at the same time for this process. It'd be a little annoying to buy that too, but if it's necessary I'll do it. Maybe I can sell it again afterwards.

I don't know what the best approach is for my request. Don't know if what I want to transfer is considered only save data or also system data. Either way I could really use some advice. It'd be very appreciated!


For context, the main reason I'm doing this at all is because my old console is in a bad shape. It has some deep and ugly scratches, and I'm the kind of person that keeps being irritated by that. I found a second-hand Wii U, console only, in a relatively much better state. My intention is not to use my old Wii U anymore.

Ps. Is it important that the second-hand console is from the same region as my old one? I'm not sure where the new one is from. My old/current one is from the Netherlands, I think it's the same one as used elsewhere in (Western) Europe, except UK maybe but I don't know to be honest.
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