What year is it?


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Mar 28, 2015
No really, what year is it? Well, don't answer that, I actually do know.

I lurked a bit watching out here and that other place I no longer remember when Pokemon X and Y and ORAS hacks were my concern before I got bored and burnt out from helping people get their competative pokemon kick started in training literally hours before comps and stuff.

But around a month after ORAS and I stopped playing and focused on other things, so the current state on anything 3DS Hacking related is new to me and oh god, where do I begin? What is this spider and ninjahax or whatever and such.

I played a loooooot of PC games since I went under my rock, forgive me.

Anyway, made an account, so Holla, WereMagi is I. I'm a game design student in Melbourne, Australia and I suck at learning how to C# but have to keep trying because I don't know what else to do with myself. That results in being paid for it enough to live anyway...

So, back to the 3DS hacking that has my interest again, what did I miss? More importantly, how is everyone big in the community since I last lurked in god knows how long whose names I no longer remember but still praise the names of?

For those interested, I have a 3DS XL with the latest firmware because I scrubbed up and forget not to and I also own a powersave that I no longer use since the I couldn't grab a copy of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate anywhere and had to get a digital copy to play with friends.

Had too much caffeine too soon as well as been enjoying a wee bit too many ciders as I try and study, so forgive the everywhereness that isn't my normal self. I'm just everywhere because I don't remember how to organise myself right now.

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