What will happen when eShop closes?

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    I was wondering what would happen to the Wii U scene if the eShop for Wii U shuts down?

    People would no longer be able to get DS games for Haxchi to work (They might need to rely on Mocha?)... Also, software similar to Wii U USB Downloader (I know it is down, but there are alternatives) rely on the eShop to download content, am I correct?
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    The same thing that happened with the Wii eShop closed. Everything went away.
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  3. Ryccardo

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    Feb 13, 2015
    Yes, as long as you don't have access to an account which owns a copy

    No, the files (tmd/contents/h3) come from the CDN, which is separate from the properly said eShop; of course, they may or may not be removed from the CDN in the future, but when people talk about the shop closures they rarely if ever mean this

    (and strictly speaking, the DSi and Wii Shops never closed; they just removed the ability to buy new licenses, but you can still open the app and sync tickets [requiring the eShop server] and redownload stuff [from the CDN])
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    These things are not eternal. Even the Switch eShop will close one day. But by then, a new eShop will be up and running on the current Nintendo console. If you plan to use an old console, just do your stuff on the eShop before it disappears. Or just live in the present.
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    It will become impossible to buy a haxchi title if the eshop for wiiu is closed.

    Yes, this means it's worth trying to figure out a better exploit.

    But the new browser exploit is pretty good (100% success so far?) . and you can still use wupinstaller with it. and you can selfhost the browser exploit probably.
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    I think we need a REAL exploit, that doesnt involve a game or a web browser. Something like 3DS... who knows.. nobody loves Wii U so that's why we can't have nice things :'(
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    Jul 23, 2018
    Letterbomb like on the wii :D
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    The wii got 2 new game-less exploit last year, DSi also got something new (I didn't follow, so I don't know what it was), but old consoles can always get new found vulnerabilities and released exploits later in their lives when nobody expect it.

    without a way to buy a NDS game, we will just lose the autoboot feature, you'll have to launch the firmware patcher manually after every reboot. there will probably be easier methods, like single-click to patch (instead of loading hbl it could patch sysmenu, your browser set to auto-load an URL would become an haxchi-direct-like channel).
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