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    Lali ho!

    Short version, I've got 1300 MS points to spend. I've already bought all the stuff I had in mind. So I'm stumped. Recommendations please. Here's a list of what NOT to recommend, and reasons why.

    - Scott Pilgrim vs the world, Castle Crashers, Afterburner Climax, Sonic 4, Super Meat Boy. Have them already.

    - Trials HD. Played the demo. Hated it. Do not want.

    - Outrun 2006. Despite it being one of my fave games a purchase would not be wise as I already have it on PS2 AND PSP. One more version would be...excessive.

    - Marvel Vs Capcom 2. Not much point, I'm buying the new one on launch day.

    - Anything from the Mega Drive/Genesis. I have emulators for that.

    - Castlevania SOTN. Got it on PSP.

    - Anything stupidly short.

    - Anything multiplayer only, except maybe Bomberman if it's cheap and active online. I tend to play single player, except on stuff like Black Ops, obviously.

    - DLC of any kind, I have pretty much all the DLC for every game I own, including the new Black Ops maps.

    The only games that have caught my eye are as follows:

    - Sonic Adventure. I have it on my dad's PS3 downstairs but I never get to play it.

    -Braid. Seems like the novelty would wear off quick.

    - Qix++. I loved the Gameboy Colour one, but this seems short and lacks the charm of the old game.

    - Hydrophobia. It's only 400 MS right now.

    Does anyone have any other suggestions?
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    Rez HD
  3. FAST6191

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    I know you said no emulators but perfect dark (N64 port/respin of a sort). Local co-op, nice single player and the ever fun combat simulator and a fairly active online (although I am about 5 months out on the subject).

    The magic the gathering game is pretty good.

    Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition is not bad although I would opt for the PC version instead.

    Zeit 2 is not bad if you like shooters.

    If you like board games (settlers of) catan is fun and some quite like Carcassonne as well. Both are really good "ports" as it were of games that rarely get ported.

    The XBLA version of puzzle quest 2 is quite nice although PSP and DS versions are OK as well.

    The XBLA bomberman live (I have not played Bomberman Live: Battlefest) is not bad but if you are happy to emulate the megadrive, saturn or PCE versions or indeed have some for the DS I will be hard pressed to suggest it. It might not top them but it certainly sits alongside them for me. Against bots it was pretty good as well.
  4. machomuu

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    Comic Jumper is pretty entertaining, but it's more the characters, art style, and dialog than the game play that gives this feel, though the game is fun.
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    Hydrophobia is garbage. Don't buy it. I had fun with Raskulls, although the single player is rather short. Sonic Adventure XBLA was OK. +1 for Perfect Dark too.
  6. Lion42

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    I got Sonic Adventure from xbla, its not something i recommend. I recommend duke nukem instead
  7. Blaze163

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    In the end I got the new DLC for R.U.S.E, 800pts but it adds the entire Japanese army as a faction and a tonne of new maps so worth it IMHO. With the 500-odd points I had left I got about hald a dozen cheap indie games like I Maed A Game With Zombies In It. Which is funny as hell and only 80pts. Bargain. The others are all decent but terminally short, but at 80pts a throw I can't complain. Besides, if I need big games that's what my shiny new copies of MVC3 and TDU2 are for [​IMG]
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    Limbo=best XBLA game ever.