Question What to do with a Switch on 3.0.0?

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  1. Keva

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    Hi all,

    I bought a switch on launch with botw but around the time Pegaswitch came out.. I decided to stop updating it and its kinda just been sat around on 3.0.0 installed and with no access to the internet (wifi disabled).

    Anyway, I would like to start playing around with some of the homebrew programs (Retroarch etc) but what's the best way to hack this device?

    I don't really feel comfortable with entering RCM mode with a jig every time or modifying the internal software so that autorcm is enabled.

    Are there any coldboot options? I believe I read atmosphere was going to enable this for 3.0.0 and under. Is this usable?
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    There aren't any options like that. And even if one exist, it will still require the usage of RCM(Also don't say RCM mode, it's just RCM, the m in RCM already stands for mode)at least once
  3. XaneTenshi

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    I'm pretty sure that i've read somewhere that the 3.0 and below coldboot is a theoretical solution at best and is extremely difficult to accomplish, hence why it might actually never happen. There is zero point in waiting for this cooldboot exploit to happen. Your best bet is to update to a newer FW (5.1 or, if you absolutely must have access to online play, 6.0) using ChoiDujourNX to avoid burning fuses. This way, you get complete access to everything hacking related, and you can always downgrade to 3.0, should the coldboot exploit ever be released.

    EDIT: Actually, scratch the part about updating to 6.0 using ChoiDujourNX. You HAVE to do the update officially if you want to update to 6.0. Since there are currently no released games that comes with 6.0, you will most likely get flagged for a ban if you connect to nintendos servers with a FW that you did not download from their servers.
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  4. Lacius

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    Then you're currently out of options.
  5. Ric-Are-Those

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    I hear you can use the ReiNX Toolkit nro to enable autorcm with a 3.0.0 Switch, and just go from there.
    I haven't tried it on mine because I have a PS4 and abnormally high restraint.
  6. Draxzelex

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    Enabling AutoRCM only removes the need for a jig; you would still need to send a payload from another device such as a computer, phone, trinket, modchip, etc. And to enable AutoRCM, you need to enter RCM first which you cannot do without a jig.
  7. lordpsycho

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    Oct 9, 2014
    Same situation here: 3.0 switch, not feeling comfortable using a jig although I have one, waiting for a coldbot option or web xploit.
    My current plan is to wait until smash ultimate comes out (since it's the game I'm mostly interested on) and do whatever it takes to run it (I assume at that moment ReiNX will run it under +6.0)
  8. XaneTenshi

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    Nov 24, 2013
    I think he means that if you have a 3.0 Switch, you can use the web exploit to enable the HomeBrew menu and then use ReiNX Toolkit to enable AutoRCM. In theory, you could completely avoid having to use a Jig to enter RCM even once this way.

    Then again, this would require ReiNX toolkit to support 3.0, which I somehow doubt it does. And even if it did, I imagine that it would still need a certain level of access in order to modify the boot files and PegaSwitch wouldn't be enough for that. Anyway, that's just speculation on my part.
  9. xabier

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    3.0 exploit is low privilegie exploit; no kernel no trustzone. 3.0 is pointless, especially if you consider how cheap are Chinese branded an undbranded dongles. Autorcm + dongle is pretty close to a software colboot, which won't ever probably happen, just software warmboot for 2.x to 4.x
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