what to do with a fat bricked ps3?

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    Got a free ps3.... The ps3 won't go into fan mode or recovery mode. The console's favorite mode is quick flash yellow beep, beep, beep flash red. I have done the hair dryer trick with no response from the ps3.

    I'm going to give the ps3 to a thrift store that eliminates old electronics.

    Is there anything cool I can do with a dead ps3 before tossing it out?
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    You can try selling it for parts on Ebay?

    The fan dryer thing will lower the price though since you may have damaged some of its parts but who knows unless you open it up and see.

    There's also the optional of a reflow/reball but those are expensive.
    Reflows are temporary (a few months) and I do not recommend.
    Reballs are permanent and will give an additional 2 or 3 years of life
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