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    I am a bit confused about the different types of slot 1 cards and was wondering if I could get some help in deciding which card to buy. I have a DS lite, and I'm looking for a well built card, that has generally good firmware support, and essentially drag and drop support(I am not sure if this is possible though).

    I'm also looking for a slot 2 card to be able to play GBA games, and was wondering if I am stuck with onboard memory type cards or is there a slot 2 card that supports using micro SD memory?

    In addition, I'm not aware if Slot 2 (and in that case, slot 1) cards support playing SNES games, is it possible? Also, is there any support for other types of game systems?

    Lastly, in your experience, what is generally the best place to order these thing? I frequently order from dealextreme.com for many different things, and generally it's hit or miss, but with a very reasonable price. I live in the USA.

    I appreciate any help given.

    Thank You
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    If you're looking for a cheap card that does the job well, I'd recommend the Acekard 2.1. If you're not planning on getting a DSi anytime soon, that one would work fine. As far as slot-2 cards go, you could get a 3in1. Even though it requires a DSi with a compatible slot-1 cart (an AK2 with AKAIO is compatible natively), it works fine. If you really wanted one with SD support, you could go for an ez-flash IV, but you'd need a miniSD adapter or miniSD card to use it. Really, I'd just recommend the 3in1.

    As far as where to buy them, if you don't mind waiting awhile, you could get them from dealextreme.com. It takes awhile to ship things from there, but they're reliable and really cheap. You could also look at the list of official retailers for GBATemp if you wanted to get one faster.
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    I think the EZ IV is the best choice for you if you really want external memory. It has great GBA-rom compatibility, never found a game that didn't work.
    It also has RAM in it, and that helps with some homebrew and emulators, like the SNES one.

    The slot1 or 2 cards don't support it from the start, but you can run SNES games via emulators. Don't expect too much of it though, it's far from perfect.
    You can run NES games and Gameboy (Color) games perfectly though, the emulators work perfect for those.

    If you buy the EZ 3in1 card (slot 2), you can run the GBA games of your microSD memory that is in your slot 1 card. So that way you still have microSD memory, just not from your slot 2 card.
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    Get an acekard 2i and ex flash 3 in 1