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    Back when I was younger and my parents didn't appreciate the value of games (They still don't.), we owned a Sega system but I can't remember which one. All I remember about it was that the cartridges were black except for the top, which was a reddish-maroon with a white title. The game was a platformer, you started out in a grassy world or level. I think the player was orangeish, maybe the color of Tails? I remember the second level was dark, and possibly underground. That's all I remember, which isn't very helpful, but I've been longing to play this, on an emulator, perhaps.

    EDIT: Found it! It was Psycho Fox, for the Master System.

    Another game I thought of though, a PC one this time, I think this one was a series? The first one I remember the case art for. It was some crazy guy wit dark brown hair. You played as a guy who was really shor and his coat or something covered his face, and I think he wore a red hat. You were walking through a school at night and random robots would appear, and it was sidescrolling. There were puzzles to solve too.

    Another I'm thinking of that may or may not have been in the same series was one where there was some mountain, either where everything took place or where you were trying to get to. Your path to the mountain / away, was blocked by a river. There used to be some rainbow bridge that went accross it, but it got destroyed by the bad guy and your job was to rebuild the bridge by doing different tasks. I can't remember what these tasks were, though.

    EDIT 2: Found those. Super Solvers: Treasure Cove, and Super Solvers: Midnight Rescue.
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    you answered all your question yourself

    good boy ^^