Homebrew What does the rev -1 error mean when using WAD Manager?


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Aug 17, 2011
United States
So I've been trying to install a certain WAD, and I can't even get to the WAD because when I choose the storage device (SD card), it gives me the "ret -1" error. I used to be able to install them just fine; in fact, I remember doing it just a few months back (September-ish?). Now however, it won't let me.

Back in September I was messing around with the IOSes and stuff to try and get NeoGamma to play Wii and Gamecube games. I succeeded, and haven't messed with anything since then. I'm guessing that's why the error is popping up. My Wii hasn't been updated in about a year, and I'm afraid to try in fear of it bricking. What does this error mean, and is it fixable without messing with IOSes and/or updating the system? I'd rather avoid doing either one just in case.

EDIT: Sorry, didn't realize this was the wrong forum, and after doing some more searching, I found out that the problem could be the SD card. I'll try a different card and see what happens.

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