Weird Wireless DS question

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Mar 16, 2011

Weird Wireless DS question by CrazySka at 6:09 PM (501 Views / 0 Likes) 1 replies

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    Hey there I have sort of a strange question. I recently just got a Black DS lite and I have had the old Fat DS forever. Well I recently moved and also have switched routers. SO here is my question. With my new DS I can connect to WFC on some games. but on others I can't. For example On my old fat ds I could get mario kart DS online just fine, since I got the lite now I can't on either. On the Lite I also got about 10 ds games with it. All the games That have WFC that came with my new lite ds I can get online. So using the new Wifi "because I moved to a area that has wifi" I can get on with Diddy kong racking, alice and wonderland "Disney stuff" etc, But I can not connect with my old animal crossing or mario kart on either.... any help plz
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    Random question but did you change the wifi settings on Ds cartridge for Mario Kart? Not sure but you might not be able to get on the wifi because it's set up for your old router.

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