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Mar 28, 2009
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Before I start, I want to tell that the matter is already solved, I just wanted to share, in case it happens to someone else...

Earlier today I made nand backup with bootmii (thats was just pure luck!) (system was working fine then), a few hours later, a few friend came over and we were about to play super mario bros wii, through wiiflow.

I sync'd 3 wiimotes, and started up mario bros, as soon as the strap warning came up, ALL THREE wiimotes lost connection and didnt sync again. Thinking it was some stupid bug of some sort. I restarted the wii, it boots right into wiiflow. but the wiimotes were not syncing again. tried to turn the wii off for a few minutes (including the cord off), restarted, entered on priiloader and booted the sysmenu (4.2u), not sync, tried to use the red-button method to sync them again, no success.

Then it occurred to me to restore the nand, so I did, now here's the strange part, it restored a few blocks (it shouldnt since I didnt change anything since the backup), and after that, bam, wiimotes were syncing again on wiiflow/hbc/priiloader, but whenever I tried to enter the sysmenu, or ANY game, the desync happened again, and after that, no wiimotes on homebrew too. So I did that a few times (restore nand, try an app, try a game/sysmenu), EVERY SINGLE restore, it restored random other blocks. thats weird right? all I did was: restore, boot sysmenu, restore, and so on

Anyways, I then tried an older backup (from a month ago or so), restored it, booted into the sysmenu and... no sync! but then, I tried again the red-button method and it worked, all 4 wiimotes sync'd. Well that was a relief, but I wanted to know what was happening with the other backup, so I restored it again, and it was back to normal, all wiimotes syncing and all...

I have no idea why that happened, but thank team twiizers for bootmii, as it saved my wii tonight.

Hope this little story helps someone one day, and I would LOVE if someone could explain what happened and why it happened.

Sorry for the long story, I just wanted to explain exactly what happened
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