webm video files?

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    Are there any good webm video file converters?,also while i'm at it are there any good youtube download sites that don't require java?
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    Major converters that support a lot of input formats (Any Video Converter, SUPER, etc.) should be able to handle it if they've been updated.

    I recommend learning to download videos from sites on your own, the same basic method works on every site, and will continue to work after they've been updated.
    For firefox...
    1. Install this addon. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/httpfox/
    2. Go to Tools - HttpFox - Open In Own Window
    3. Resize the window.
    4. Click the "start" button.
    5. Leave that window open, go to the page where you view the video (press CTRL+F5 if needed to reload the page).
    6. After the video has started playing, go to the HttpFox window.
    7. In the "type" column, look for something like "video/x-flv" or "video/mp4".
      (You may need to try multiple before you find the right video, for example if the site has video ads they will show up here as well.)
    8. To the right of that should be a URL, right-click and copy it.
    9. Paste it into the address bar in a new tab or internet window and press enter.
      (You may need to close the current window the video is playing in before it'll start sending it again.)

    For chrome it's almost the same thing, but no addon needed. Hit F12 and go to the "networking" tab to see a log of things.

    I'll edit my copy-paste guide one of these days...
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    I use an addon called "Video DownloadHelper" in Firefox, works pretty well for Youtube videos.

    Note: I normally use Chrome as a browser, but it doesn't seem to have an equivalent add-on that performs as well

    as for Webm, what are you trying to achieve?
    I wouldn't recommend Webm for anything. Go for MP4/H264 encoded videos, those will work on all platforms including iOS, Android etc.
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    @rydian - I do have a plugin for firefox to snag flash videos from like youtube and other such sites,but i'll keep all that in mind for the future...I was just curious if there was a site like keepvid,that didn't require java(pick what type of file you want to save the video as etc etc) not that I download alot of videos but time to time they come in handy esp. if it's a game i'm playing...

    @Costello - nothing really just a video I downloaded awhile ago I noticed was in that format,and I was having trouble viewing it cause it was black and white and slanted,come to find out for some reason the webm video doesn't care for 24bit color display,but 16 bit or 32 bit is fine which is weird,i'll post the video below...

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