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    Apr 2, 2009
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    I bought a component wii cable on ebay for $6.53 with free shipping, the only change i gave me was from 480i to 480p. Now I see people stating they can get 576i also? How do you get this mode and would I have to buy the actual nintento cable to do this?
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    Oct 28, 2008
    576i is the resolution for PAL video. If you really wanted it, you would need to change the region of your console, which is a risky process and would mean you'd need to use some sort of region free thing to play your original NTSC games.

    You don't want 576i - sure, it's better than 480i, but it's worse than 480p. When you're using component cables the colour problems with NTSC vs. PAL don't matter either. Go with the progressive signal (480p).
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    Not sure this helps or applies but....
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    I'd like to ask something:
    With has better vídeo card: PS2 or Wii ???

    I have a PS2 at home, and I can watch DIVx movies at resolutions above 480p using SMS (Simple media System, for me, the best player I used, somebody could make some exactly like it to Wii). I know it does not play x264 files, but normal movies, and is is able to put resolutions at 1080 on my TV.

    I often read here that Wii is only able to go to 480p. So, PS2, a video game very very old has better video than wii ???

    SMS :