Very strange issue with B9S.

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    Here's my situation. I was copying save files from physical carts to digital versions using the Nintendo save data transfer tool, went to back up the SD card on my PC, and then the console would power on for a second and shut down again. I know this is usually because there is no payload on the card, so I updated both B9S and Luma's payloads on the card, but still no luck. The system powers on with no card inserted because I have the same payloads from the SD on NAND. I swapped micro SD to SD card adapters and it booted, but it said 'Cannot display the software on the SD Card. The SD Card could not be accessed'. What is strange is that there are no signs of corruption on the card. Files still transfer fine, and there are no garbage files anywhere. The lock switch on the card was off. I have a B9S O3DS 11.4E.
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    Your SD card reader may be damaged, they're pretty poor build quality, so it wouldn't be surprising/unlikely. I'd also try running h2testw to make sure your SD card is real
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    To add to this...

    The SD card could be corrupted in such a way that a computer, which is a tad more forgiving in this regard, can still read and write to it but the 3DS will not.

    Back the card up, format it properly, test it with h2testw, and replace the contents. Alternatively, try a new SD card.
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