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    Apr 9, 2010
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    Hi there, not even sure where to start but here goes.
    Used the Modmii program and everything seemed to go great.
    I am at the end of the guide atm and totally confused.
    Man I hope somebody can steer me in the right direction.


    After you are done modding your Wii, you can optionally delete any unnecesarry files
    by using ModMii's "File Cleanup" Feature.

    At this point you're practically done.
    Now you should be downloading the latest homebrew applications and setting them up on
    your SD Card (or FAT32 USB Hard Drive) so they can be launched via the HBC.

    For downloading applications, you should:
    * Check out ModMii's batch download pages as it has many popular apps available for download.
    * Download Homebrew Browser via ModMii to get many popular apps, but this is an online only Wii application (

    1. "File Cleanup" feature is pointing back to cleaning up files off the computer right?

    2. "Downloading the latest homebrew" HUH? I have the HBC but the only thing on there are the installers (6 original programs that the guide referred to)?

    3. How do I "check out ModMii's batch download page"? Or "Download Homebrew Browser via ModMii" ????

    Should I have more than the installer applications (not sure what else to call them) showing up under "the homebrew channel"?

    Like I said above I got all the right messages and followed step by step. Or so I thought..........

    Not sure what info to provide you with and I figure this might sound vague but any help would be appreciated. I can provide more info if you tell me what you would like to know.

    HBC channel menu has IOS58 v24.32 listed 1.0.8 above that and this is a virgin black with 4.3U

    TIA! I will keep checking back.
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    1- your wii should be fully modded, so don't do anymore to it.
    2- backup your nand.bin from your bootmii backup to your pc and keep it safe.
    3- you can delete the installer apps from your sd card, found under sd:\apps\
    4- you your backup sd:\wad to your pc and delete it from your sd card

    5- install whatever apps you wish to run to your sd card. They should be in the following format, sd:\apps\aplication\boot.dol usually just extracting the app to the sd card will work, just check the file structure.
    6- I don't know about modmii app dl, so you'll have to figure that out yourself.
  3. person66

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    Jun 16, 2009
    In the main ModMii menu one of the download pages (#2 IIRC) has some useful apps.
    You can also find some apps at, or here on GBAtemp, and many other places all over the interwebs
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    Apr 9, 2010
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    Again, sorry for posting in two places and twice in one. (If any mods see this)
    It's late and I'm mad at myself really.
    It seems I was under the mistaken assumption that some sort of "channels?" would all ready be there.
    Not sure where I got that from....
    Looking into the page that person66 referred to.
    Thanks to both for fast response.
    My screw up, that's really what I figured.
    I will continue to try to work this out.