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May 29, 2012
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So I have an official Nintendo Classic Controller Pro that I bought about two years ago to use for my emulators on the Wii, and it is by far my favorite to use for just about all of them. Recently I've been paying more attention to VBA GX to play some Zelda titles, and just now have I started to notice that the left analog has some issues with it. I would really like to use the left analog stick as my means of movement if possible, since its there to be used, not to mention its more comfortable than the directional pad.

Whenever I try to push the analog straight to the left, until it hits the corner with the X axis maxed to the negative, and Y axis at zero, there is absolutely no response. If I move the analog to shift the Y axis just a bit in either direction, the movement will be read. In fact, as long as Y axis is at zero, the negative X axis is completely useless. Positive X works with no hassle. It also appears that if I want to move down, there's also a dead zone when ever I move the stick down, with the X asis being slightly positive.

I can assure you that the controller itself is not the problem because the analog stick works perfectly for my NES and SNES emulators, and all my Virtual Console games work just swell with it. I've updated my version of VBA GX to the latest I could find, being v.2.2.5 as far as I know, and the problem still lingers. I've heard there were some compatibility issues with 3rd party controllers in the past, but considering I bought mine brand new from Gamestop in the box, I'm pretty sure mine is 100% Nintendo, which I usually buy to avoid problems such as these. If anyone has suggestions or fixes, I would be very grateful as I plan to keep on using VBA GX in the future and getting the analog stick to function properly as it should, would be wonderful.


I managed to fix the problem, all I had to do was plug in the GC controller. For some reason that solved all of my problems. Thanks for the help guys.

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