Vanquish demo coming September 2nd

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    Vanquish, the futuristic Russia-vs.-America shooter coming from Sega and Platinum Games, will get a demo on both the PS3 and Xbox 360 on Sept. 2.

    Atsushi Inaba, the game's producer gave up the demo date in an interview with Gamespot Japan that Andriasang spied and translated.

    The demo is a prologue sequence titled "Velocity Attack," and will feature a boss battle. Two difficulty settings will be included - casual and normal, with casual supplying an auto-aim feature.

    Vanquish drops in North America on Oct. 19. Inaba said development on the title is already 100 percent finished.[/p]

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    Platinum Games has made some fine games, I'm eager to see them take on a standard shooter. I'll definitely try the demo when it drops.
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    This game looks nice!
    I'll try it out when it comes out!
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    I am definately looking forward to this game. It looks solid and considering the quality of what Platinum Games produces, the demo is worth a look at the very least.
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    Cool. Looks pretty fun.