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Nov 19, 2008
Coventry, UK
Lali ho!

I have about an hour to kill before I have to start getting ready for work, so here's the latest news from the world of Blaze. Been an odd few weeks to be honest. Good and bad times staying reasonably well balanced. Here's the details.

- Work is a bitch at the moment. We have a 3 for 2 offer on EVERYTHING in the store. No exceptions. You could buy two treadmills and get a third free. I can't see anyone ever doing that, but the option's there. Most of the customers are fine, they're spending lots of money and more receptive to the idea of shoe care, making my job much easier...but then there's the foreigners. As a lot of them don't speak English it's near impossible to sell them anything, and yet they're the ones most likely to complain. I try to treat everyone equally wherever possible (except the Welsh, but I'm English, it's my God-given right to hate the Welsh. Plus my sister's Welsh so I'm covered) but when I'm having to explain a 3 for 2 offer to fully half the customers from the concept up, it gets rather tedious. After that it goes on to annoying. From there it takes a stroll down frustration avenue before settling near the end of the working day in the gardens outside the palace of murderous rage.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a multicultural society, variety is after all the spice of life. It's just annoying when something like a language barrier gets in my way. Especially when I'm under pressure from head office to get the shoecare sales at a decent level. Nobody in the store can speak Polish. Not even basic Polish. Ergo nobody can serve a sizeable chunk of our customer base. It's annoying. Try explaining to someone who cannot understand a word you're saying that you don't have any size 10 Air Max. More often than not they assume I never even looked and start getting aggressive. Those that can speak basic English are the worst, enough to get by but still struggle to understand me. They always seem to know enough English to complain to the management that we don't have their size.

At least the management have taken my warning to heart though. I explained to them that the penalty for putting a cd of Christmas songs on perpetual loop would be me force feeding them the speakers and they've thus relented from putting the CD on. So work might be a bitch but at least it's not a festive bitch. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a grinch or anything. But try listening to the same bloody songs every hour of every day and you'll see what I mean. Especially when said songs have been the same every year since before I was born. I don't care if you are simply having a wonderful christmas time, I've had enough of hearing about it.

- My gloves STILL haven't arrived. Bloody things have been on their way for nearly a month now. If they haven't arrived by the time I get paid next Friday I'm getting back on eBay and sending a 'strongly worded' message to the seller. Yeah, they were cheap and I accepted that delivery might take a while, but even allowing for the distance they're starting to take the smeg at this point.

- I've been playing Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition for over 20 hours and I've only done a few of the major quests so far. Done the Urn of Sacred Ashes, the Mage Tower, Soldier's Peak and Return to Ostagar so far, as well as a couple of the personal quests for my companions, and nailed Leliana. I still have to recruit the elves and the dwarves, and do the rest of the side quests. Then I can move on to the expansion stories. Good to know the game's worth the money given that it cost me half what my dad paid for Force Unleashed 2 and has lasted four times longer already when I'm less than half way through.

- New DS games, yay. Rune Factory 3 and Sonic Colours. After the epic fail that was Sonic 4 (can't believe I paid 1200 MS points for that digital diarrhea) it's nice to see that decent Sonic games CAN exist. They just don't as a general rule. God bless hand helds for showing us the way. Pity I'm at work for the next 3 days and thus unable to play them...but since I stole them I can't exactly complain.

- Only 8 days until I get paid. This month's pay check promises to be beyond EPIC. I've been working 32 hour weeks, I've kept a log of my hours so they can't screw me over, and they owe me back pay for trying to screw me over last month. Nice try boys but you're paying me whether you like it or not. When I worked an average of 22 hours a week I ended up with £550 after tax. So I'm quite looking forward to seeing how much I'll have to dick about with this month.

- Taking my nephew to see the new Harry Potter film when I get paid. He's 7 and he loves Potter. The film's a 12A so I should be able to get him in since he'll have adult supervision. Gonna cost me about £35 to take me him and my brother to see it, but whatever. As I said above I'll have more money than I know how to spend this month. Besides, it's not often I get to hang out with my nephew since he's only here at weekends and I'm always at work. Be nice to spend some time with him.

Well, about time to get my uniform in order I suppose. But first, toast. And maybe a biscuit. Then ten minutes or so of Sonic Colours. Then maybe work if I can be bothered. Truth be told I've been exhausted recently, I should book a day or two off to relax and catch up on some much missed sleep. Not slept properly in nearly a month now



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