Using "legacy" bootloaders on AK2i?

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    I'm not really sure how to phrase this - uh, so.
    I have two Acekard 2i's: One I've had for years, and one I recently bought as I thought the older one was crapping out on me (which...turns out I didn't. Thanks Acekard team for literally the most resilient product, ever)

    My older AK2i feels tiny and flimsy; my newer AK2i actually feels like it's got a sturdier housing. I purchased it from nds-card (GBAtemp's official partner at the time) so I'm pretty sure it isn't fake...just new (it's got the antipiracy holo sticker and all. I didn't wanna bother tearing apart my card on the off-chance I can't put it back together - also, I don't think the counterfeit checker works anymore)
    I kinda like the newer one; so I kinda want to use it. It's even got a springloaded microSD slot! Holy crap!

    I was pretty bummed though when I turned the thing on inserted in my DS Lite and Rafa Nadal Tennis showed up. I wasn't particularly happy and of course, like a tool I tried to upgrade the bootloader in the hopes that maybe it would fix the issue on the DS lite...and uh, nope. It became Pippa Funnel, which looks even more ridiculous. lmao
    I didn't read a guide prior to this or anything, soooo part of it's on me. lol
    I understand why it does this, though (it's spoofing another title to bypass DSi/3DS antipiracy measures) However, I have zero plans to use it on those consoles.

    Anyway, my gripe is that I've got my other Acekard and it's got its unique icon on the DS Lite BIOS menu.
    This was cool. I miss this. It's so cool that I just went back to using the old Acekard 2i as it seems that there's nothing functionally wrong with it (only the microSD card was dying, really)

    Now, is there any way I can get this ancient bootloader working on an HWID 81 Acekard 2i? I honestly do not give a single iota of a hoot whether it works on a DSi or 3DS: This flashcart sits in my DS Lite and pretty much never leaves otherwise. Is it possible to enjoy the best of both worlds, or am I forever boned with the fate of a dopey horse against a greenscreen staring back at me whenever I turn on my DS Lite?
    I realize this is a tiny cosmetic issue, but uh
    whatever. lol
    Also, I know it's possible to downgrade the bootloader - but is it possible to downgrade to whatever bootloader displays this icon and header that won't end up bricking my Acekard?

    EDIT: Oh yeah if there's no fix, it's no big deal. Hell, I've been contemplating getting a Supercard DStwo and I might've just found my excuse to do so.
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