Using DSTWO with Gateway software?

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    Hi guys,

    one another question.

    I just read some tuts on emunand and such, and then stopped by at this tutorial:

    In this tutorial the OP says that one of the requirements is 'A' flash card with the GateWay files. He is using a DSTWO card.

    So, can you use a DSTWO card but with Gateway software?(and is it just like a clone that actually works?) Or how do I see this?

    Thanks in advance!

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    not to play 3DS roms ...
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    The Gateway depends on a vulnerability in the DS Profile on your 3DS. One needs to install a hack so that the DS Profile crashes and loads the Gateway files.
    To install this hack, you need a DS Mode flashcard. This can be a DSTWO, but the Blue Card that comes with your Gateway will work perfectly for this as well.
    After installing the hack, you can launch Gateway mode from your 3DS SD card... In Gateway mode, you can use the Red Gateway Card to play 3DS ROMs.

    So, in conclusion, no, you cannot just use a DSTWO card to play 3DS ROMs. You CAN use a DSTWO to install the hack and run Gateway Mode, but that's as far as you can get without the Red Gateway card.
    (You can also boot EmuNAND without the Red Gateway card, but that's not entirely relevant.)