Question Use Hekate to auto power off?

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    Can I use Hekate to automatically power off my Switch when launching hekate.bin?
    Maybe an auto boot configuration that powers off the Switch can be created?

    I want to use this together with a payload sending mod chip to avoid the side effects of autoRCM (which is needed to avoid burning fuses).

    For example, when I power off the Switch, the Switch automatically goes into RCM. Then the mod chip will send the Hekate payload, which uses the auto boot configuration to turn the Switch off. If I want to turn the Switch on again, I'll hold the vol-down button and manually select a boot option while it is booting.
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    Autoboot only kicks you into your launch configuration of choosing, not the ability to turn your console off automatically. Maybe CTCaer can add autoboot support for Hekate to automatically turn off the console in the next update? Otherwise, you will have to load Hekate and manually choose the Power Off option yourself.
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