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Sep 6, 2013
Hi everybody,
Years back, I was quite active with playing back-up games on the wii, checking out all usb loaders and stuff. Now I am trying to get gamecube games working through usbloader gx. But it has been a long time since the last time I was doing these things, and I can't seem to figure things out, even though there are a lot of very well written tutorials available. I feel ashamed.

When I try to load a gamecube game (through hdd or retail disc) the wii led flashes and then the wii shuts off immediatly. No splash screens or whatever. Immediate shut off.

I feel like the things i did on my wii in the past could have messed up the system.

This is my set-up:

Wii v4.1e, with WiiKey.

homebrew channel 1.1.0 IOS58 v24.32
wad manager v1.7
Dios Mios 2.10

usbloader_gx Rev 1215
(which shows DIOS-MIOS v2.9+ in the top left at the credits screen)
IOS249 (rev 21007) (d2x v7final base 38)

a 500G FAT32 partition with 32kb cluster size created with EaseUS, on a samsung story 1.5TB,
active and primary
Also using an 1G SD card with FAT16 64kb cluster size done with EaseUS

Game stored like this: G:\games\Zelda the Windwaker[GZLE01]\game.iso
game iso was converted using DMToolbox: Format: optimised, Allign: 32K

Zelda collection disc inside the wii, and a gamecube controller and mem card plugged in.

I tried different versions of dios mios and usbloader gx, but nothing worked for me.
The wii does always recognize the gamecube games! never had problems with that!

I feel that there could be many things wrong with my system set-up and therefore I wanted to ask for advise first, before messing with it more myself. I believe i did stupid things like installing dios mios in both ios 236 and 249, don't know if that matters? or how to fix it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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