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    Apr 5, 2009
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    i liked the novelty of Hermies uLoader to use an External DVD Drive to load Burnt Discs. (my unit has too new a drive to read DVD-Rs) i have 2 extra games i wante dto then run by USB HDD so i copied my Pendrive's WBFS folder and Games folderto my external.

    upon loading, it only sees 1 Gamecube Game and only 1 Wii game. it reads my pendrive just fine :/

    yes im using the bottom port , Nintendont sees the games just fine, Configurable usb loader Mod sees em just fine. i've reinstalled IOS58 alal the clean installer Issue persists.

    Edit (9:35 AM 2/24/2017) Decide dto go Nuclear and reinstalled ISO 249, 250 58 and replace my copy of USBLoader GX. Now it's working i'm only sticking to it as i find its easier in its menu to setup cheats, options and to set to altwifi(without having to patch the game) but still would like to know any idea wtf i borked to make USB Loader GX break so bad!
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