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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by kbe, May 23, 2010.

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    May 22, 2010
    Just finished soft modding my new wii everything went fine (thanks to guides on here). Now it's a new black style wii so I know disc backups won't work so I want to use my Lacie 500GB external drive (grey one with samsung hd in side). Right now it's NTFS and I read that it's supported in GX however when I load GX it will either say it's waiting for my slow drive, freeze and/or go black screen or show the logo but bottom half of screen is green. I tried my thumb drive which was FAT and GX loaded fine just wanted to make sure it was working at all.

    Now some questions.

    1. Does NTFS actually work and if it doesn't work for me on GX would that mean it will also not work on Configurable USB loader? Also if it does, do I just make a wbfs folder in root dir and put my wbfs backups in there?
    2. If I already have data on the drive and it exceeds 200 files could that be a problem? (read somewhere there's a 200 file limit but I think it was for WBFS filesystem).
    3. If I do end up formatting the drive what's the best partitioning to go with? I seen people suggested having a FAT 32 and a WBFS partition, but could I also have a NTFS partition for PC backups on there too.
    4. If I get a new external drive just for my Wii what's a recommended one that will 100% work? Or what would be a recommended thumb drive if I go that route.

    Just trying to figure out my options so any suggestions would be great.

    *edit must be my external just tried a game on my thumb drive which was just big enough to hold it and it worked perfectly so now I defiantly need a new drive or bigger thumb drive. I was looking at the compatibility list and notice that most the Western Digital My Passport Essential drives work fine so might get one of those unless someone has another suggestion.

    *edit2* Tried configurable usb loader instead and it worked no problems loaded up game so it's some setting in GX that I have set wrong I guess. Getting closer!

    *edit3* Probably last edit; was either bad conversions of the backups or GX wasn't forcing 222 because I re-did the backups and set 222 again and now they work on GX too so was either or both of those that was causing the games not to load. Anyways I'm one happy camper now!
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    Jun 23, 2009
    Well why dont you try formatting too Fat32 the whole drive. You need Fat32 for WBFS anyway and if Fat32 doesnt work then convert the whole drive to WBFS and see if it works explore all possible ways before you spend more money on another HDD