usb loader gx doesn't recognise games anymore (more info) please help

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by BaconInANutshell, Aug 5, 2019.

  1. BaconInANutshell

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    Dec 22, 2018
    1. It was working fine a couple of days ago, now i boot up my wii and it doesn't recognise a single game anymore, what could the problem be and how do i resolve it?

      IMPORTANT: it recognises the usb itself, but when it is done, it says 0 games

    2. wii: model number rvl-001, newest version, dark blue theme
      setup: i don't know what you mean
      which loader: usb loader gx, wad installed but that shouldn't matter
      usb device: FORMATTED TO NTFS
      cIOSes: cIOS202[60]-v5.1R, cIOS222[38]-v4, cIOS223[37-38]-v4, cIOS224[57]-v5.1R, cIOS249[57]-d2x-v8-final, cIOS250[56]-d2x-v8-final

      EDIT: i'm going to format it to fat32, i read that that would work
      EDIT2: it didn't work