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    Nov 17, 2008

    Sorg has released two new unofficial versions of Waninkoko's USB Loader. The Loader now displays 21 games at a time, doesn't auto switch TV display modes, sorting modifications and a "kid safe" version.

    What's New?

    * shows list of 21 entries instead 6.
    * more adequate navigating by left and right keys.
    * Doesn't attempt to switch TV mode before load game (uses default TV mode instead). Original loader tries to switch TV mode according to game region which makes PAL games unplayable on TV not supporting PAL modes (NTSC-U/J Wii) and NTSC games on TV not supporting NTSC modes (PAL Wii). Now i can play Mario Kart PAL and Wii Chess PAL on my NTSC-U Wii!
    * added simple version of loader without adding/deleting games and format drive. Useful for children/some pleople.
    * Sorting now is case insensitive.

    Archive includes:

    1) source code with my modifications
    2) folder to use in Homebrew Channel (full and simple)
    3) Channel version of this loader in WAD format (full and simple).

    just tested and it works great! showing 21 games in the list is a big help! [​IMG]
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